Compliments To Tell Yourself Every Day

While you won't get a day off work for this holiday, it's definitely one you want to celebrate. Jan. 24 is National Compliment Day, and there's no shortage of compliments you can give yourself to help you celebrate.

Is it lame to give yourself a compliment? Of course not. There's definitely a big difference between getting a self-esteem boost, and being somewhat out of touch. For example, telling yourself that you did an incredible job on that work project (which hey, you did) is way different than telling yourself that everyone at work is terrible except for you — as true as that might seem some days.

Compliments help us feel a bit more refreshed, and they also help our confidence. And the first compliment you should give should be to Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffman, both who are credited for creating the holiday back in the '90s.

And, what can you say? The holiday has zero setbacks. It won't break the bank like Christmas, and it won't make you silently upset, like Columbus Day. Compliments are free, and can change an entire day around.

But before you go complimenting everyone else, here are a few choice compliments you can give yourself — since really, you need all of the encouragement you can get on a Tuesday.


"You really put together an incredible outfit today."

Don't dress for anyone in particular — dress for yourself. When you feel like you look like a million bucks, you feel like a million bucks. And since you know what you like better than anyone else, you probably have an outfit or two that makes you feel on top of the world. Tell yourself that you look amazing.


"You worked really hard today."

If you have a job where you bust your butt yet still get little recognition from your boss, this is a big one. Hard work should be rewarded. Tell yourself you did a good job, and maybe treat yourself to a small reward.


"You're a positive addition to the team."

A team is only strong with solid members. You, my friend, are one of them. Sometimes it's easy to feel a little overworked when in a group (or on the opposite end of the spectrum, flat out ignored) so before tension rises any further, just remind yourself that your voice matters.


"You've got a pretty incredible sense of humor."

A real life "laugh out loud" is rare and special. If you're always causing people to crack up with your wit, there's a good chance that your sense of humor is elevated from the norm. People with a sense of humor are generally fun to be around — so if that's you, this compliment should feel pretty spectacular.


"Your job experience is pretty impressive."

Applying for a new job? Then yes — you need to amp up your confidence as far as employment goes. Interviewing for a new job is super stressful, and it's incredibly easy to talk yourself out of it. You're definitely a contender. Keep your chin up, and show them why you'd shine at their company.


"This lunch you put together is top notch."

You had 15 minutes, and the goal to mix healthy with easy. And, know what? You mastered it. You saved money by not stopping at the corner deli, and you added some fiber by packing those apple slices. You're a total lunch rock star.


"Your ability to keep your cool is one of your most understated traits."

It's easy to flip out. When people flip out, the people around them feel tense and uncomfortable. But you? You know how to successfully moderate any situation with a clear head. While it's a trait that not many people may comment on, it's definitely one that people admire. Feel proud about that.


"Your brain is such a powerful tool."

It really is. You think before speaking, and you research before spewing out false information. Every day, you learn more and more. And even better, you take pride in expanding your field of knowledge.


"You got this. You always do."

You've been through a lot in life, and every misfortune has only made you stronger. When something comes up, it's important to remind yourself that it's something you can handle — regardless of whether or not that "something" is big or small.


"You're strong enough to make your own decisions."

Sometimes it's incredibly easy to morph back into child-mode. If you're in a not-so-great relationship, or still live with your mom and dad, it's important to know that your words and thoughts have value to them. And, you're old and wise enough to know what's best for you. Remind yourself of that.


"Your life has incredible purpose."

Ever feel like you're just spinning around in circles? Sometimes it's easy to get down about how you imagined your life, and where you truly are now. First thing's first — you have the power to steer the wheel of your own life. And second, no matter what step you're at now, your life has so much purpose and value. If you want to be a CEO but currently work part-time retail, the situation isn't what defines you — your attitude and your passion are what define you.


"Your optimism is a real gift."

It's so easy to feel pessimistic at times. But you always seem to rise up and think of the positives. Know how rare that is? (Hint: pretty darn rare.) Never lose your sense of optimism. You're incredibly lucky to always see the bright side of every situation.