The Best Danny Tanner Cleanliness Tips

by Mary Grace Garis
Warner Bros. Television

Whenever you watch Full House, you probably roll your eyes at the hysterical way Danny Tanner tries to maintain cleanliness. He was all of our neat-freak dads (or roommates) trying to micro-manage and dust off our lives and rooms. It was silly then, sure, but now that you're knee deep in dirty clothes at your totally cluttered apartment (seriously, it looks like an episode of Hoarders), you probably wish you had some Danny Tanner cleaning tips to guide you through this mess. Well, good news, everyone. I sought them out so you don't have to.

Looking back at the OG Full House, I've picked up on all the cleaning rules that Danny has lived by over the years. Hell, the Spring Cleaning episode alone has left me with plenty of good ideas. And with spring slowly and steadily on the way, I totally want to be ready and motivated. Our sitcom dad will surely know all the best ways to help us all (and/or those nasty roommates) make our living spaces beautiful.

So, without any further delay, here are the best Danny Tanner neatness tips to live by when it comes to de-cluttering your life and starting off with a clean slate.


It’s Totally Safe To Iron Clothes While You’re Still Wearing Them

Nothing looks precarious about this, right?


Make A Family Motto

It should stir the entire family into action.


“Clean Is Good, Dirt Is Bad”

This is a good family motto, and also it's a good lifestyle to adopt.


Respect Spring Cleaning Like It’s Christmas

You know, something to look forward to instead of something you have to do because all your winter sweaters have moth holes in them.


Have a Tool Belt To Make Cleaning Easy

And award them to your little helpers as a badge of honor.


Clean Your Cleaning Supplies Routinely

Because how can you clean without clean cleaning supplies?


Child Labor Is A-OK As Long As You Mop In Circles

Remember when Danny listed Michelle as her helper? Just do that with your small child/little sibling/neighbor's kid that you're baby-sitting, it's fiiiiine.


Withold Your Love Unless The Children Do A Great Job

It's great motivation.


Actually, Get The Whole Fam To Help Out

It helps if you have a FULL HOUSE to do the dirty work.


Direct Them, Military Style

Ten-hut! Get your team in order.


But Allow Your Friends To Pick The Music

Allow them to throw on "I Feel Good," and it'll expedite the process.


Find The Balance Between Clean And Dirty

Tidiness is a great virtue to have, but don't let it control your life. It took Danny five seasons to realize this; you can find it out in less.

Happy cleaning, everyone.