12 Daylight Saving Time 2018 Fall Back Memes That Everyone Will Relate To (After Sleeping An Extra Hour)

Daylight saving time is ending soon, which means it's almost time to start feeling really confused about what the clock says. When daylight saving time ends, that means we're gaining an hour — spring forward, fall back, you know? This will happen for many of us on Sunday, Nov. 4, when, at 2 a.m., you'll notice that the clocks seem to go back in time. While this undoubtably better than losing an hour in the spring, when daylight saving time begins, it's still exhausting and annoying. And so, of course, there are lots of daylight saving time ending memes that you will definitely relate to.

Sure, you're getting an extra hour for your Sunday, when you can do whatever you want, but this doesn't come without its downsides. Daylight saving time had been compared to the same feeling of jet lag, so even when you're gaining an hour, you'll probably find yourself feeling more tired and run-down than usual. It takes your body a few days to adjust to the change. Yes, it's only one hour, but that small little hour can do a lot more damage than you think! Gaining it sounds good in the beginning, but Harvard Health has said that most people "don't, or can't, take advantage" of it.

When you're feeling too tired to sleep, or you're just trying to keep yourself from feeling miserable about the fact that it's pitch black outside before 5 p.m., you'll need something to make you laugh. Enter these memes about daylight saving time that you'll definitely understand.

1For anyone who never changed their clocks in the spring:

2Literally everyone after Nov. 4:

3Keep the relatable cat jokes coming:

42018, am I right?

5Honestly, same:

6This is true on all the levels:

7If you don't use this Cher meme when daylight saving time ends, what are you even doing?

8It could be... cool?

9Even though we're gaining an hour, this definitely still applies:

10Welcome to the dark side. Literally.

11The Cher memes are too good to ignore:

12All of us.