10 Daylight Saving Time 2018 Deals & Freebies To Take Advantage Of On Sunday

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Tonight's the night you're going to lose an hour of sleep in exchange for that extra hour of sweet sunlight, and you really should get infinite rewards for your struggle. That's why you're going to want to take advantage of these daylight saving time deals and freebies on Sunday. From coffee to doughnuts to new kicks and clothes, if you want to give yourself a free or discounted gift for surviving spring forward like a boss, you're totally empowered to do so. With Arizona and Hawaii not participating at all and Florida voting to stay in daylight time year round (Arizona and Hawaii are in standard time all year), People have a lot of strong feelings about the biannual time jump known as daylight saving time.

No matter your thoughts on daylight saving time, it's not going away any time soon, so you might as well make the best of it with a day of sales, self-care, and free stuff. And, everyone loves to get something for free. "According to Dan Ariely in his book Predictably Irrational, people change their behavioral patterns when something free comes along," Caitlin Schiller wrote for Blinkist Magazine. "Free isn’t just an indicator of price. It’s a powerful emotional trigger that’s often irresistible." So, if you want to warm your senses with all of the daylight saving time discount and free feels, these deals and freebies will do the trick.


Free Coffee Bean, Because You Deserve It

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Everyone is already tweeting about the giant cups of coffee they plan to drink Sunday morning to combat their spring forward fatigue. If you're too tired to make your own java, you can grab yourself a free coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf if you live in southern California.


Ecco Is Offering 30 Percent Off Sale Items

If you're in the market for some shiny new kicks, you can use the coupon code TIME18 to take an extra 30 percent off sale items during Ecco's spring forward sale. The best part if that you shop this sale right from your bed.


Up Your Sale Game With 5 Percent Off On Raise

If you're not familiar with Raise, this site lets you buy gift cards at a deep discount. And on Sunday, March 11 you can get an extra 5 percent off by using the code 5MORE.


Krispy Kreme Donuts, Maybe ...

OK, before you get too excited, this one is just a rumor. However, the website The Balance reported that for the last few years Krispy Kreme has given away free doughnuts during spring forward. Before you go in all groggy and demand a free glazed piece of heaven, make sure a location near you is participating.


Big Dogs, Big Discounts

If your BAE has a birthday coming up, or you're into tees and boxers from Big Dogs, you can get stuff starting at $7.99 in honor of daylight saving time. They also have big discounts on almost everything, and you don't even need a code, just visit the Big Dogs website and start saving.


Get Yourself Some Shiny New Gadgets

Been waiting for a good deal to upgrade some of your devices? TechRabbit has some crazy good deals on everything tech related with some items more than 90 percent off. For real.


Reduced Rates For A Personalized Tarot Reading

Want to now what's in the cards for your future? You can get a personalized tarot card or oracle reading via email for 10 percent off from Lady of the Moon Tarot on Etsy. With Mercury retrograde coming up later this month, it can't hurt to be proactive.


Channel Carrie Bradshaw At Barney's Spring Forward Sale

If Carrie Bradshaw is your spirit animal, then you're totally going to dig the spring forward sale at Barney's New York. Get deep discounts on tons of stuff, and the best part if that you don't have to be a New Yorker to shop this sale. Just go to the Barney's website.


Upgrade Your Kitchen On The Cheap

If you're into cooking and all things kitchen, then you're going to love this 65 percent off deal from Surlateable. Get everything from silverware to coffee machines to deals on cooking classes so you can be a top chef.


Grab 20 Percent Off Vegan Beauty Products

Love your four-legged friends like family? If you haven't gotten into vegan beauty products yet, a 20 percent off coupon from Cake is a great way to sample these all natch, vegan, and cruelty free products. Grab a coupon code; the animals will thank you.

In addition to getting free spring-forward stuff, you should also use daylight saving time to change the batteries in all of your smoke detectors so you don't end up in a This Is Us moment. After you do that, enjoy your coffee, doughnuts, and new swag from Barney's. Because, you absolutely deserve it.