Venmo John Has The Cutest Adopted Puppy & 11 Other Things To Know About The 'BiP' Fave

ABC/Craig Sjodin

No matter how much you love the show, most Bachelor Nation fans can admit that its contestants are often a mixed bag of hits and duds. But every once in a while, a few diamonds appear in the rough. One of these amazing additions, of course, is Venmo John this year. You know him from Becca's season of The Bachelorette, and though he wasn't necessarily one of the last few standing, he definitely made an impression, and now there are also plenty of reasons to love John on Bachelor In Paradise.

John (who no longer works for Venmo, but was one of the first developers to get onboard with the money-sharing app), was a softspoken sweetheart on The Bachelorette, and is spreading his wings and putting himself out there a little more in Paradise. Though it's unclear who he ends up with at the end of the BIP journey — if he even does make it to the end — fans are more obsessed with him than ever, and he's solidified himself as husband material.

If Paradise simply isn't enough adorable programmer content to get you by, that's totally understandable. To satisfy all your Venmo John needs, I've compiled this list of fun facts about him, and they'll just have you crushing harder.

He Wanted Only Genuine 'Bachelor' Nation Friendships

John did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) post on Reddit's very dedicated Bachelor Nation subsection, and fans hit him with tons of questions that gave a glimpse into his true colors. He told one user that when making friends in the Bachelorette house, it wasn't about getting the most screen time. "I didn't think about fan favorites while filming. I tried to get to know all the guys and just hung out with the ones I got along with most," he said.

He Loves Grocery Joe Just As Much As You Do

There are photos of the two out in the wild (along with David), hinting at a friendship, and in the AMA, John was quick to praise the overnight sensation. "Pretty sure Grocery Store Joe took a step down from heaven to briefly grace us with his presence," he wrote. A more truly worthy bromance has never existed.

He Has An Adorable Rescue Dog

Does this even need an explanation? Look at this photo! John is apparently an animal lover, and that should launch him to the top of any nearly lucky lady's list.

He Loves 'Crazy Rich Asians' Just As Much As You Do

Crazy Rich Asians has been a huge hit at the box office, with many people from Asian heritages noting how important the movie is to them, and John was among them. "This movie is so much bigger than stereotypes and wealth. It features sexy and talented Asian leads, celebrates cultural differences, and raises diversity awareness," he wrote in the above Instagram post. "It spoke to me. And whether or not you're Asian, bi-racial, wealthy, or not, it will speak to you too."

He Says 'The Bachelorette' Boosted His Confidence, Because Even He Gets Self-Conscious

Sure, you might think that a super successful tech guy with the looks and great personality that John has would be confident as hell, but he assured fans that he was just as self-conscious as anyone might be.

"I was bullied as a chubby kid and I was self-conscious while filming, even though now I'm physically in fine shape," he wrote in the AMA. "I carried this into [The Bachelorette] and it took me a while to put it behind me. Now I don't care and am happy to talk about & face all of those insecurities." The show helped him with that — he said he's more confident meeting new people and putting himself out there.

He Runs Marathons

Because of course he does. He divulged in the Reddit AMA that he's run both the Chicago and the New York City marathons, and the "262" present in his social media handles stands for 26.2 miles. Way to make us feel inadequate, John.

He's Close With His Parents

John has shared pictures on Instagram of himself with both of his parents, and the captions make it clear that they have a good relationship, and his family is important to him.

He's Not Here To Judge Jordan

Jordan is just one of the polarizing figures to come out of The Bachelorette, though his semi-controversial personality is a far cry from the troubles surrounding other contestants. Regardless, John said in his AMA that he thinks Jordan is as genuine as it gets, and he wasn't afraid to defend his friend. "Jordan is all real! What you see is what you get," he wrote. "What I like about Jordan is that he owns, believes, and stands by everything he says. He's not afraid to speak his mind and goes after what he wants. He's certainly not for everyone, but he makes me laugh and I'm always down to hang out with him again."

He's Flattered By All The Messages He Gets

Skyrocketing to fame on a reality show has to be bizarre, but John takes his full DM inbox as a compliment, and said he even tries to reply to most of them. "I've gotten a few messages from mothers that are telling me to ask out their daughters," he said in the AMA. "Or some people refer their girl friends to me to ask them out on a date. It all feels sincere so I'm not the least bit mad, but it is fun to see."

And He Doesn't Mind Seeing Fans In The Wild, Either

Being recognized on the street is even weirder than pulling in hundreds of social media messages, but again, John takes it in stride. "Sometimes I'll see people do a double take," he said in the AMA of fans he encounters in the wild. "I'm so into it! Love the chance to put smiles on others' faces."

He Shouts Out The People Working Behind-The-Scenes In 'Bachelor' Nation

Plenty of people probably only think of Bachelor producers as those stirring up drama for the show (which they surely do), but John praised them and the rest of the crew in his AMA as people he admires for the work they do. "I was surprised & impressed at how wonderful the people are on the show. I was also amazed at how many people work on the show tirelessly to make it happen," he wrote. "They're the silent heroes and deserve all the credit!"

He's A Class Act With Becca, Even After His Elimination

John never seemed like he'd be bitter about an elimination, but this sweet Instagram post after he was sent home from The Bachelorette really showed that he respected Becca and the decisions she made.

There are probably many more reasons to stan for Venmo John — this isn't an exhaustive list. But in a franchise that too often lends itself to abrasive dudes, people who are obviously playing things up for the cameras, or contestants who are just straight up boring, John has been a breath of fresh air. Here's hoping his time in Paradise doesn't end anytime soon.