12 Feminist Birthday Gifts That Are Perfect For Anyone In Your Squad

It's easier than ever to give a gift with a dual purpose. Shops are bulging with clothes, books, knick-knacks, and other stuff that express solidarity, girl power, or straight-up contribute to progressive causes. If your social justice-minded BFF has another turn around the sun coming up, these feminist birthday present ideas can not only make them happy, but also do a little good in an increasingly bad-seeming world. Whether it's supporting female artisans or funding important organizations, this is your place to find a gift that will make any member of your squad's next birthday one to remember.

First thing's first: do your research and shop sustainably. Not only is it better for the environment, which is always a win, but non-sustainably made items can directly (and negatively) impact women's lives. For one example, items made in sweatshops may contribute to human trafficking, directly putting women's lives at risk. Rather, organize a night out for your squad at a gig with a brilliant female MC, support female-owned local presses by buying their books, cook your friend a dinner and dedicate it all to how glorious and powerful she is — and gift wrap one of these treasures to show her how much you care.


Something To Wake Your Friend Up


A Notebook To Take Down The Patriarchy


A Tee For The Ladies Of SCOTUS


A Practical Tribute To RiRi


Candy Hearts To Smash The Patriarchy


A Sweatshirt Against The Patriarchy


The Sweatshirt Heard Around The World