12 Feminist Birthday Present Ideas For Your BFF Who Wants To Make A Difference

It's easier than ever to give a gift with a dual purpose. Shops are bulging with clothes, books, knick-knacks, and other stuff that express solidarity, girl power, or straight-up contribute to progressive causes. If your social justice-minded BFF has another turn around the sun coming up, these feminist birthday present ideas can not only make them happy, but also do a little good in an increasingly bad-seeming world. Whether it's supporting female artisans or funding important organizations, this is your place to find a gift that will make any member of your squad's next birthday one to remember.

First thing's first: do your research and shop sustainably. Not only is it better for the environment, which is always a win, but non-sustainably made items can directly (and negatively) impact women's lives. For one example, items made in sweatshops may contribute to human trafficking, directly putting women's lives at risk. Rather, organize a night out for your squad at a gig with a brilliant female MC, support female-owned local presses by buying their books, cook your friend a dinner and dedicate it all to how glorious and powerful she is — and gift wrap one of these treasures to show her how much you care.

1Earrings With A Purpose

War & Peace Earrings

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is a collection of Fair Trade vendors, and these earrings are made by Cambodian female artisans out of repurposed brass taken from the bullets and shrapnel still littered in Cambodia's farmland.

2Something To Wake Your Friend Up

Sisterhood Solidarity Coffee


Las Diosas is an all-female collective in Nicaragua that produces coffee beans, and these tasty treats are a great gift for a feminist who needs her caffeine.

3A Notebook To Take Down The Patriarchy

Fighting Bad Guys Notebook

Amnesty International

We all know Amnesty International's life-saving work around the world, and Fighting Bad Guys is key to their mission — which, of course, includes misogyny and sexual violence. A friend who loves activism would love this for shaping her world-changing plans.

4A Tee For The Ladies Of SCOTUS

Supreme Court T-Shirt

Queen Bitch/Etsy

The four women who've been Supreme Court Justices have been a ground-breaking movement for equality and progressive values. Commemorating them with fashion? Birthday dream.

5A Poetry-Loving Pin

Sappho Enamel Pin

Literary Emporium/Etsy

Queer women and poetry-loving feminists will be big fans of this Sappho brooch, which commemorates the legend of classical love lyrics. And it's from an artisan on Etsy. Bonus.

6A Pin To Take Action

Policy & Change Pin

The Outrage

Friends with a marcher, a mover and shaker, a caller of Congresspeople? Get them this piece from The Outrage, which directly benefits the charity Everytown For Gun Safety.

7A Practical Tribute To RiRi

Bad Girl Bandana

It's Me & You

RiRi is everybody's patron saint. Don't lie, yours too. And this amazing bandana is made in the U.S. by It's Me & You, a fashion line run by two women.

8Candy Hearts To Smash The Patriarchy

Feminist Candy Hearts

Feminist Apparel

Feminist Apparel has the candy hearts of your dreams. They're all about self-love, respect and equality, and they taste delightful.

9An Upgrade To A Classic

Intersectional Rosie Tote Bag

Feminist Apparel

Guess who likes her feminism intersectional? EVERYBODY. And this tote from Feminist Apparel is a hell of a gift for every feminist who's committed to making it that way.

10A Sweatshirt Against The Patriarchy

Chill With That Misogyny

Green Box Shop

Tie dye is back, because it's the '90s again — but this time around we're using it against sexism. This unisex anti-misogyny hoodie suits everybody and is excellent for your friend who's basically a superhero without a cape.

11A Ring For The Ages

Not Here To Please You Ring

My Sister

My Sister employs survivors of sexual abuse and sex trafficking and donates 10 to 25 percent of its profits to other charities that help women. And this Not Here To Please You Ring will get your friend punching the air.

12The Sweatshirt Heard Around The World

The Future Is Female Sweatshirt


This badass sweatshirt from The Other Wild is brilliant for several reasons, one of which is that 25 percent of profits from its sale go to Planned Parenthood. Fighting for your body's rights with fashion? Present of dreams.