12 First Day Of Summer Activities To Celebrate The Start Of Warm Weather

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It's hard to believe that spring is coming to an end, but it's true: the first official day of summer is coming up faster than you'd think. Sure, summer unofficially begins Memorial Day weekend, but it actually begins on June 21, the Summer Solstice. It's the longest day of the year with the most sunshine (hopefully it doesn't rain!), and it's one of the happiest days ever: you're celebrating the upcoming summer season, which is supposed to be relaxing, sunny, bright, and fun. Summer holds lots of possibilities, no matter what age you are, and it's always exciting when it begins.

That said, you'll want to do something special to celebrate on the first day of summer rather than just hang out and do the same old stuff... or nothing at all. And luckily enough, the first day of summer falls on a Friday this year, which is perfect timing: you can leave work and do one of the below activities, or you could even think about taking the day off and starting the summer with a nice three-day weekend. Hey, if you have the days to take, it's not a bad idea!

The best way to celebrate the first day of summer? Do some very cliche summery things. Get outside, enjoy the weather and the sun, hang out with your friends, or take some time to just relax. You'll start things off on the right foot, and you'll have a great time doing it. Below are some ideas for fun first day of summer activities:


Head To The Beach

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Yes, it might be a bit of a cliche to spend the first day of summer at the beach, but... who cares? It's fun! If it's a nice enough day outside, pack up some things, leave the office, and hit up your local beach. It will feel so nice to lay in the sun (with SPF!), and maybe even take a dip. And if there's no beach near you, make due at your local pool.


Do A Sunset Happy Hour

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Get some friends together and head to a bar or restaurant that does happy hour outside, maybe on a rooftop or a nice deck or something along those lines. Plan to get there around the time the sun is setting so you can enjoy a drink while watching nature's daily show.


Have A Picnic Lunch


If you can't get out of work, you probably at least have a lunch hour you can use, right? If so, pack a little picnic lunch and find a grassy spot to eat outside. Or if you're off, put together a basket of food and go to a park near you.


Do An Ice Cream Date

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There's just something that's so summery about an ice cream cone! Plan a little ice cream date with your significant other or one of your best friends, then head to a cute shop near you to eat a huge helping of your favorite flavor.


Grill Up Dinner

Barbecues are another things that just scream "summer!" Instead of eating inside or grabbing takeout, fire up the grill and make burgers, steaks, or fish - whatever you want. You should definitely eat outside too.


Go For A Hike


This is the season that is all about being outside in nature, so take advantage of that. Go for a hike nearby, or take a little road trip to one you've been wanting to try out. Or, just go for a walk in a nice park near you.


Start On Your Own Summer Reading List


Summer reading lists sounded tiresome when you were a kid, but if you love to read now, it can be really wonderful to put together a list of books you want to read over the course of the next few months. Do that, then start on it ASAP.


Plan A Trip


Haven't booked a summer trip yet? Don't worry, you have plenty of time. Sit down, look at your budget, figure out where you want to go, and plan something awesome.


Host A Small Party

Why not celebrate with your friends? Put together a small party to celebrate summer, where you guys barbecue, eat ice cream, light up some sparklers, and just hang out outside.


Go Shopping


Okay, it might not be the most summery activity, but you will probably need some new clothes for this new season, so why not? Head to the shops and splurge on a few items for yourself.


Get On A Boat

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If possible, find a boat and get out on the water. There are few things more wonderful than floating around feeling totally content, especially if you opt for a sunset cruise.


Take Your Workout Outside

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Committed to staying fit? Skip the gym and take your workout outside. Go for a run or a walk or a bike ride, head to the beach for yoga, or just go to a local park (or even your backyard) to get your routine done. The fresh air makes everything more pleasant.