12 'Fresh Prince' Insults That Are You So Funny You'll Want To Use Them Yourself

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For a fish-out-of-water comedy, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air surprisingly didn't have many zingers targeted at Will being out of place in his surroundings. The show was actually a full-on insult free-for-all, with everyone getting some good smack-downs in — even sweet Grandma Banks. These are just 11 Fresh Prince put-downs that still sting even years later, but be sure to check out the show's reruns, because there are plenty more where they came from.

Carlton and Uncle Phil were a regular David and Goliath of easy targeting and bore most of the abuse, with Will and butler Geoffrey as the worst offenders. It didn't help that Carlton was as dorky as the day is long (just ask him about his Tom Jones record collection), and Uncle Phil's pomposity made him an easy balloon to burst back down to Earth.

Meanwhile, Will's weakness for the ladies often had him getting slammed back down to reality after he used one of his many corny pick-up lines, not that it ever stopped him from trying. Often, Will realizing he was in over his head became its own running gag on Fresh Prince. Then there was Hilary's self-absorption, which meant insults bounced off her like Louboutins off marble flooring. The show was full of great put-downs, but of course, it was all because the Banks family clearly cared about each other — enough to know exactly how to embarrass everyone.

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