12 Valentine’s Day Memes To Send To Your Partner That Are Genuinely Hilarious

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The greatest gift you can give your partner for Valentine's Day is not chocolate. It's not flowers. It's not even a candy heart. The greatest gift you can give your partner is actually a chuckle. And to help deliver that are funny Valentine's Day memes to send to your partner. Don't wait until your ~romantic~ plans later in the evening on Feb. 14 to shower your loved one with kind words and silly banter. Send a meme midday to brighten their fluorescent lit world.

Valentine's Day is all about conveying sweet messages to your loved one. But assuming you and your beloved share an internet based sense of humor, a sprinkling of midday meme-mail could make their heart thump as much as a handwritten letter would. Of course, you can still include chocolate and roses and candy hearts in your Valentine's Day celebrations. Just don't forget to share a meme or two.

There is an abundance of chuckle worthy memes circulating the web. No matter which way your partner's sense of humor sways there is an ~on brand~ meme for them to enjoy on this day of romance. This Valentine's Day love is in the internet, I mean, air.

Love is in the Internet

I mean, he literally has a point.

The Penny Pincher

Every couple knows how much a dinner bill can be. So even when you're in a relationship, this can make you both laugh.

Nic Cage

Does it get more internet than this?

For The Harry Potter Fan

Does it get sweeter than puns and Harry Potter?

Puppy Love

Is it a dog? Is it a bear? Is it a meme? Or is it just a picture of a cute creature with a sweet message? Only the last part matters, in my opinion.

Send Something Substantial

Maybe it's not exactly ~funny~ but it's ~necessary~.

Future Plans

Send this if it's how you expect to spend the evening with your partner when you get home from work on Valentine's Day. Ask them to circle yes or yes if they're down.


Cat Content

Skip chuckle and go straight to squeal.

Just Putting It Out There ...

Garlic bread is forever.

My Love