12 Last-Minute Father's Day 2018 Gift Ideas That Are Still Thoughtful & Personal

Courtesy of Brands

Many of us are perhaps scurrying for the past sorts of last-minute Father's Day gift ideas for this year, but never fear — you're far from alone in this struggle. Parents in general are notoriously hard to shop for. After all, your 'rents are savvy and smart and probably have a hold on all the things they actually want and need. What's harder when it comes time to gift them is finding things they might want or need that they haven't already heard about and bought for themselves.

With Father's Day right on the horizon, you're probably feeling that pressure to find a thoughtful, personal, and actually useful gift now more than ever. If you're understandably stumped, the good news is there are lots of options at your disposal —  websites like Etsy, Target, and Amazon all have sections dedicated to gift ideas with lists of items and price ranges, so you can make sure your Dad is covered in the gift department. But to avoid the hassle of having a million web browsers open during your hunt, this list assembles some easy Dad gift options all in one place, all of which are reasonably priced and ready to ship. Here are a few things that will save the day if you're crunched for ideas.

1A Mug To Keep His Drinks Hot In The Office

Espro Travel Coffee Press


A "double micro-filter" gives flavor without any of the grit from ground coffee beans, and insulated steel covering means Dad can keep his drink as toasty as possible. This cup will probably save him a great deal of time and energy on chugging down his brew in the AM.

2A Handy Place To Keep Everything Important

Credit Card Tool and Holder


There aren't a lot of man-purse options out there (rude!), so help Dad stay organized even with this holder that can keep your credit cards and miscellaneous tools in one place. He'll appreciate it!

3Cooking Utilities For Dads Who Don't Want To BBQ

Corn Dog Maker

Urban Outfitters

If your dad's not too keen on being a grill master, try getting him this quick and easy corn dog maker. He can still be a master of the meats — just in a slightly less messy, convenient way!

4A Way To Get All Of His Devices Juiced Up

Wooden Multi-Device Charging Dock

Urban Outfitters

If your dad's ever been stressed about how he only has two cords for like, three tech-y devices, this will help him with his debacle. There's room for two smartphones, a tablet, and a smartwatch.

5The Soundtrack To The '60s

The Beatles - 1 2XLP

Urban Outfitters

If your dad's ever hummed "Let It Be," "Can't Buy Me Love" or "Come Together" relentlessly, this vinyl album is going to be a smash hit with him.

6A Guide To The Wild Life

How to Eat in the Woods: A Complete Guide to Foraging, Trapping, Fishing, and Finding Sustenance


Your dad may be itching for a wilderness adventure, and if he's been talking about taking the family on an excursion into no man's land, get him this book before he talks any further. That way, he (and the fam) will be as prepared as possible.

7Proraso Travel Shave Kit

Proraso Travel Shave Kit

Urban Outfitters

If Dad's on the road but needs a perfect shave, he can't go wrong with any of these handy creams. The last-minute nature of a trip shouldn't inhibit any father from looking sleek with pre-shave formulas, toner, after shave balm, and much more.

8Fancy Beer Glasses

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Bottles

Urban Outfitters

This set of 10 bottles for storing home-brewed beer or cider is totally what Dad needs if he's getting inventive with his alcohols. It's totally versatile for all of his drink needs.

9Beard Maintenance

Maestro's Classic Beard Butter Mark of a Man Blend


Not all dads have beards, but every bearded dad needs some good upkeep. With this beard butter reminiscent of the pomade we use for our hair, he's sure to be looking trim and sleek as any chic dad should!

10A Portable Grill

Kingsford 14"Black Portable Grill


Outdoor dining can be anywhere now with this portable grill! If Dad ever wants to lug it camping, now he can cook his favorite burgers and steaks wherever he wants. This is surely going to be a hit with the neighbors as well.

11Some Scents To Keep It Fresh

Curve Black by Curve Gift Set Men's Cologne


If Dad wants to make sure he smells as classy as possible for all of those special occasions, get him this gift set of fragrant cologne. He'll be fresh as heck, with notes of "vibrant citrus" and "crisp herbal sandalwood" to boot.

12A Book To Inspire His Inner Adventurer

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

Urban Outfitters

If Dad's ever seemed to have a bit of wanderlust, this book of lists will give him a perfect way to explore, continent by continent, the faraway lands he's always wanted to be.