Funny, Last Minute Gifts For Dad

by Chrissa Hardy

There are few things dads love more than a cheesy joke. Dad jokes are a staple of their adorable brand, after all. So since this year has been garbage for everyone, and you probably still need to find the perfect gift for dear old Dad, get him a funny gift for Christmas 2016 to commemorate his love of dad jokes!

Sure, you could go the sentimental route, our the standard tools/shaving accessory/new tie route, but couldn't we all use as many giggles as we can get right now? Nothing brings two people closer than a shared chuckle, and a funny gift is a great way to show Dad how much you love him, and want to make him smile.

Now, what to get? That really depends on your pop's sense of humor. So when brainstorming gifts, think about hobbies, favorite movies and TV shows, inside jokes you have with him, and the cruder stuff that makes him laugh. Once you narrow down the search, make sure the item you choose is clever, personal, and something he'll be proud to display – either at home or at work. Here are a bunch of ridiculously silly gifts that Dad will absolutely love. Now go on and get shopping before it's too late!

1. Dad Joke Mug

Come to the Dad Side - Parody Mug, $15.99, Look Human

There's something endlessly charming about self-deprecating jokes, and this Dad Joke mug is the epitome of that charm. Dad can sip his morning beverage while also declaring to the world that he's the best human ever.

2. Feminist Sweatshirt

Fundamental Rights Sweatshirt, $31.56, Etsy

Once we reach a certain age, we get to start teaching our parents a thing or two. And if he didn't acknowledge it before, he probably knows now that he is, in fact, a feminist. These Fundamental Rights sweatshirts have unisex sizes, and a dorky slash witty phrase on the front that'll fit right in with Dad's sense of humor.

3. Arcade Watch

Classic Arcade Watch, $24,99, Think Geek

This arcade watch is an awesome gift for anyone you know, but Dad will get a kick out of it because he likely remembers when arcade games only cost a penny! Or something ridiculously cheap like that,

4. Poop Emoji Slippers

Poop Emoji Slippers, $9.98, Amazon

Now your dad can walk around the house and keep saying, "Man, I really stepped in it now!" before immediately chuckling to himself for his comical genius. These slippers are also a hilarious gift choice because parents aren't generally in on emoji-speak, so it'll be fun to see what other dad jokes he comes up with.

5. Alien iPhone Case

Aren't We All Aliens, Really? iPhone Case, $25.99, Look Human

If you're a child of the '90s, and have a really cool dad (like I do), then you spent hours watching X-Files together, learning all about Area 51, and daydreaming about what aliens eat for breakfast. So he'll love this Alien iPhone Case because it'll make him remember all of those fun times back in the day.

6. OKest Dad T-Shirt

World's Okayest Dad T-Shirt, $9.99, Amazon

Gotta give Dad props for always being the OKest dad around, right? If you got your signature sarcasm from him, he will love this t-shirt.

7. Meat Shredder Claws

Shredded Meat Claws, $19.99, Think Geek

Now, the next time Dad hosts a barbecue, he can pretend he has Wolverine hands with these kitchen claws as he cuts up the meat. He works hard. He deserves to play make pretend at dinnertime.

8. Retro Typewriter Keyboard

Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard, $299, Think Geek

All dads love retro things. They probably don't want to return to the days when technology was only used for space travel, but put a vintage twist on a modern device and they will go bonkers. This retro bluetooth typewriter keyboard is the perfect accessory for your dad's tablet – especially if you're able to splurge a bit on his gift this year.

9. Sneaker Socks

Silly Sneaker Socks, $5.57, Amazon

When you start to give Dad fashion advice and gently nudge him away from a completely normcore closet, he can throw these ridiculous Chuck Taylor-like sneaker socks on and look totally "hip."

10. Star Wars BB-8 Car Charger

Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger, $29.99, Think Geek

OK, so the car charger itself might not be that funny. The funny part is when you get in the car with dad and notice that he's adorable bobbing and weaving his head subconsciously along with BB-8. Please record a video. The internet will love it.

11. Bathroom Basketball

Slam Dump Challenge, $19.99, Amazon

Is this bathroom basketball court a little absurd and crude? Sure. Is it also hilarious? Yep. Dads also love efficiency, so now he can uh... multitask in the bathroom while taking care of business.

12. Box Of Nothing

You Said You Wanted Nothing Box, $11.99, Amazon

He did say he didn't want anything. Remember? Since it's fun to watch Dad squirm a bit, give him this box of nothing as his pre-present. He'll probably give you a list every year going forward.