12 Last-Minute Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day You Still Have Time To Pull Off


Picture this: it's Feb. 13, you've been so busy that you haven't been paying attention to the dates, and all of the sudden, your significant other asks what you want to do the next day... which is about the time you realize Valentine's Day has just snuck up on you. It happens to the best of us! Forgetting to make plans for V-Day can make the holiday feel sort of hopeless. You might not be able to score reservations at any restaurant near you, or you might find that even all the movie tickets seem to be sold out. If you want to do something that still seems fun and impressive, there's a solution: try a last-minute Valentine's Day date idea that will leave your partner thinking you had it planned all along.

Because here's the secret: a great Valentine's Day isn't just about sitting in the trendiest restaurant, eating the most expensive food, or doing something totally Instagram-worthy. Most of the time, the best dates for this holiday just involve you and the person you're spending it with, plus some great attitudes. You guys can have a seriously memorable date even if you're doing something that you put together on Feb. 14. It doesn't matter where you are, it just matters who you're with! It's corny, but true.

Still, it you want to do something a little more special than usual, check out some of these date ideas. They can be "planned" only a few hours before, and they'll work for even the busiest of couples.


Movie Night

Even if all of the shows in the movie theater are sold out, you can have your own movie night at home! Rent something you've both been wanting to see on Amazon Prime, make some snacks, light some candles, and get cozy on the couch. It's actually a lot more romantic this way!


Go Bowling

It might sound like kind of an old-fashioned date, but bowling can be so much fun, and it's definitely a unique thing to do together on Valentine's Day. Head to your local bowling alley and get your competitive side ready!


Drinks At A Local Bar

OK, so there are no reservations left at any of the good restaurants. Why not head somewhere local to hang by the bar? You can order drinks, sit and talk, and maybe even get some food while sitting there. You usually don't have to wait too long to find seats (if the place isn't too trendy), and it can be sweet.


Pizza Night

Who doesn't like pizza?! There's no rule that says you have to eat gourmet food on Valentine's Day. Put in an order for your favorite pizza, and trust in the fact that this is one takeout food that will always be available. You guys can have a quiet date night at home.


Play Tourist

If it's nice enough, pretend to be a tourist in your own town or city, or a nearby city. Get bundled up, walk around, and see things in a new light. Explore new shops or maybe even check out a new restaurant. It can be a fun way to learn some new things about your community and to bond.


Go For A Walk

If you live in a place that has nice weather, take advantage of it! Go out for a hike or a long walk, take in the sights of nature, and relax in the peace that is embracing the great outdoors.


Take A Long Drive

Feeling like you need to get out of the house? Take an impromptu road trip somewhere random. You can either pick a spot you've never been to, or just drive aimlessly until you arrive at something cool and interesting. Either way, it's a great way to bond and talk.


Have A Wine Night

Make your own romantic environment at home with some wine. Light a few candles, dim the lights, put on some music, and pour a few glasses. If you want, you can both even dress up and pretend you're out at a fancy place — or just relax in your sweatpants!


Go To The Arcade

Find a nearby arcade and start playing some games. It can be such a fun way to release some energy, and it's totally different.


Head To A Comedy Club

For most comedy clubs, you can buy tickets the day of a show. Look at some near your home and just buy a pair of tickets. Even if the show bombs, you guys can make it a fun experience.


Have Hot Chocolate And Go Ice Skating

If there's an ice skating rink near you, make some mugs of hot chocolate and head out to visit it. It's such a romantic date idea and probably won't be too packed, since a lot of couples will be at home or out to dinner.


Make Your Own Dinner

Who needs an overpriced restaurant when you can make your own meal? Head to the store together, then whip up something delicious. Try an old favorite, or test out a new, fancy recipe if you're feeling adventurous.