12 Millennial Pink Gifts For Mother's Day That Will Make Your Mom An Instagram Queen

Courtesy of Brands

Moms are the absolute best — where would we be without them to remind us to take our vitamins, let us flock back to the nest when we need it every so often, and offer their tough love advice when we're crying about anything from love to careers to general existential crises? Now you can impart some millennial wisdom onto her in turn, by getting her one of these millennial pink gifts Mother's Day that are so Instagrammable she won't be able to resist taking all the pics.

Millennial pink has really been the go-to color color we have been obsessed with for a number of years now, so it's no wonder that the excitement for it has spread across the generational divide. Millennial pink clearly doesn't belong to just the millennials anymore, and has taken on a life of its own. So if you want to show your mom some love this May 13 and she's a fan of all things pastel and pink, you've come to the right place. Whether it's cute drink holders, plants, accessories, or home decor, you've got plenty of options for adorable gifting. Here are some of the cutest ones on the internet below:

"Mama Needs A Nap" Mug

"Mama Needs A Nap" Mug , $14, Etsy

What better way to show your love than to get her a large mug for all her coffee and tea needs? Plus, this nap message is a real vibe that any mom will appreciate.

Dahlias in Mother's Day Pink

Dahlias in Mother's Day Pink, $25, Target

The set of seven bulbs will make any garden enthusiast moms smile — particularly because of the iconic hue of these dahlias. Who wouldn't want to sigh dreamily at these floral delights?

Domenic Frunzi Mini Ceramic Planter

Domenic Frunzi Mini Ceramic Planter, $12, Urban Outfitters

You could place the dahlias above in this adorable planter. Combine them to make a package deal for a very happy mother of plants.

Willa Wildflower Removable Wallpaper

Willa Wildflower Removable Wallpaper, $39, Urban Outfitters

If your mom has mastered the art of interior decorating, set her up with some sweet wallpaper to spice up the living room. Research shows that pink is a calming color, and we could all use a bit of extra calm in our lives.

Woods of Windsor True Rose Fine English Soap

Woods of Windsor True Rose Fine English Soap, $18, Amazon

Your mom's bathroom just got an adorable upgrade. Plus, who doesn't love the smell of roses? Now whenever she catches a whiff of it on her hands she'll think of you and the lovely packaging of this gift.

Small Portable Travel Jewelry Case Organizer

Small Portable Travel Jewelry Case Organizer, $17, Amazon

This is a great gift for displaying jewelry for a mom who is also on-the-go. The vibrant color also makes it look effortlessly chic.

"After This We're Getting Pizza" Yoga Mat

"After This We're Getting Pizza" Yoga Mat, $32, Shop Bop

Maybe your mom's already a yogi, or she's thinking about trying some classes. Either way, she'll get a kick out of this mat, and so will everyone else at the gym.

Pink Electroplated Arrow Stemless Wine Glass

Pink Electroplated Arrow Stemless Wine Glass, $5, Pier 1

Sure, your mom has plenty of wine glasses, but those all probably came in sets and are relatively boring. Gift her with her very own sparkly millennial pink one and pair it with a bottle of rosé so she can have an extra special glass to herself.

Daily Planner Journal

Daily Planner Journal, $19, Urban Outfitters

Your mom's never not busy — so let her plan her life in style with this millennial pink planner. For an extra cute twist, pencil in some dates for the two of you in the coming months so you can look forward to i!

Jar Candle Sweet Spun Sugar

Jar Candle Sweet Spun Sugar, $10, Target

If you haven't already accidentally kept one of these candles for yourself upon buying it, consider getting it for your mom, too. These always send the sweetest of vibes.

Mothers Day Decoration Gift Plaque

Mothers Day Decoration Gift Plaque, $17, Amazon

If your mom is the sentimental type, this is the perfect thing to put on a coffee table or by her bedside, so she'll smile every time she looks at it.

Pink Floral Clutch

Pink Floral Clutch, $18, Etsy

This isn't just cute because it's pink — the design is so unique that your mom will probably get nice comments on it every time she goes out. Everyone's going to want one to match!