12 Millennial Women On Their Best Self-Pleasure Techniques
by Kaitlyn Vagner
Rachata Teyparsit / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Masturbation is an expression of self-love and self-care. By allowing us to get in touch with our most personal selves, it strengthens the relationship between our mind, body and soul. The act of engaging yourself in self-care through masturbation holds a wide array of benefits that extend to our psychological and physical health. According to Kelly Johnson, PhD, a sexologist, masturbation releases endorphins and hormones that reduce stress, tension, and depression.

"There are an endless number of reasons to masturbate. Learning how to make yourself orgasm is the most empowering experience you will ever have," Vanessa Marin, sex therapist and founder of Finishing School, tells Bustle. "You'll also learn how to teach a partner how to bring you pleasure."

Female pleasure is intricate and complex and it is crucial for our sense of mind body awareness that we explore it. The clitoris alone contains 8,000 highly sensitive nerve endings. Masturbation also benefits your mind and sexuality; it stimulates your sex drive and fosters your freedom to explore the boundaries of your body as well as your deepest fantasies.

For me, I value the precious time that I get to spend with my vibrator wand. I view it as a period during which I can set aside the clutter of my mind, shut out all outside influences, close my eyes, and allow my imagination to run wild without any inhibition. My favorite masturbation technique is edging, also known as orgasm control. I get myself to the precipice of reaching orgasm and then I turn my vibrator off. I repeat this until I can no longer handle the anticipation, and I finally allow myself to have an intense, body shaking orgasm.

We spoke with 12 Millennial women to find out their best techniques for reaching that glorious, mind-blowing orgasm.


Jalyn, 25

"Right when I'm about to reach orgasm, I put my vibrator on the highest speed and press it hard against my clit."


Addison, 22

"I put my dildo in deep inside me and then I play with my vibrator on my clit. When I reach orgasm it feels like I'm having sex with a large penis."


Gianna, 24

"I masturbate with my panties on. The added friction feels amazing."


Helen, 24

"In the shower I lean forward and masturbate with the handle end of my shaver, from the back. It feels like doggy style."


Karina, 22

"When I finger myself I tap the top of my vagina really fast with two fingers."


Lilly, 25

"I press up on my clit with one finger and I hold my vibrator against the bottom of it."


Dana, 25

"When I'm fingering myself I use two fingers to make a come hither motion."


Faryn, 26

"I sit on the heels of my feet, like the cowgirl position, and I grind back and forth against my vibrator."


Elaine, 26

"I lay on my side and I hold my vibrator tight between my legs and I grind on it... the friction gives me a more intense orgasm."


Vivian, 24

"When I first start, I use my vibrator on the lowest speed to gently tease my clit. It builds up anticipation so when I turn up the speed the orgasm is incredible."


Trina, 22

"When I'm on the verge of reaching orgasm I turn my vibrator up and I press hard on my clit, and I move my vibrator fast up and down and in circles."


Emma, 21

"I play with my butt plug at the same time that I'm using my vibrator on my clit."

How we engage in masturbation, and how we stimulate our mind, is unique and nuanced. No matter what method you prefer to use, engaging in some solo time is a wonderful way to indulge your senses and practice self-love.