12 Moving Tweets Supporting #ADayWithoutImmigrants

Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In a nation-wide response to President Trump's recently-announced immigration agenda, #ADayWithoutImmigrants was born — a movement aimed at raising awareness for our immigrants who must now fear displacement under Trump's regime. Across the country, businesses that value immigrants' rights supported and encouraged a strike by closing for the day, to bring awareness to their employee's significance and importance in America. Other businesses pledged to donate a portion of their profits made during the day towards charities that support the well-being and rights of immigrants in America.

The movement encouraged many to be involved in marches and public protests to spread optimal awareness with the help of their communities. What's more, thousands of others have taken to social media to add their voices to the cause.

And while thousands of people were able to help out to draw attention to the cause in person, many others turned to Twitter to share their inspirational and encouraging thoughts on the subject. These are some of the most moving tweets on the internet right now. They'll definitely pull on your heart strings and make you proud to stand up for what you believe in:

Inspiring Picture Of The Crowds

All over the country, hundreds and thousands of people rallied together to show their support.

A Reminder

To support the people who can't afford to stand up for themselves today.

Because We Need You

Because immigrants are what makes America what it is.

More Crowds At The Capitol

A moving image to see these people so close to the policy makers whose attention they so desperately need.

"Would Be A Ghost Town"

They are our community.

America's "BackBone"

Together we are a nation. Together we've created a culture and society and both first and second generations rely on each other.

Because We're All Immigrants

At one point, everyone in America was an immigrant. We didn't treat people like criminals then and we shouldn't be doing so now.

Family Pride

When it hits seriously close to home.

Because Immigrants Are Not Criminals

If only the president could acknowledge the profound truth in this.

Because They Keep Our Country Running

Legal, illegal, immigrants in America are not criminals, they're the people who keep the country running.

The Capital City Finds A Way To Show Its Support

In whatever way it can.

A Much Deserved Shout Out To You!