12 Of The Craziest Movies On Netflix Right Now


It's another night with your dad's Netflix account, but this time something feels different: You're unsatisfied by the same pleasant, inoffensive viewing materials you've watched time and time again. Your roommate has bogarted the Roku for months, mainlined every Parks and Recreation episode, and is now powering through The Office. And if you watch Bridget Jones Diary one more time, you will lose it. Luckily there are plenty of crazy films on Netflix right now that you can turn to when your taste in streamables starts feeling a little too vanilla.

With "craziness," of course, comes a wide spectrum of genres, and rest assured this barely scratches the surface on what absurdities are hidden in each. The sheer randomness of Netflix's selections allow for you to watch something strange and terrible at any given moment. However, I definitely have endured many dark nights diving into the underbelly of the streaming service, so I have a few personal recommendations I can lend you if you need guidance down that path.

So buckle up, friend, and keep reading if you're looking for something sort of wild (or at least a bizarre alternative to your usual fare) to watch on one of your slightly more experimental nights.



Natasha Lyonne gets mysteriously pregnant, but with what? And why is it making her hallucinate all these live-action Fuzzy Lumpkins?


'Jackass 3.5: The Explicit Movie'

You don't actually have to watch this. It's totally fine if you never watch this. However, if you for some reason weren't satiated by the first... three masterpieces, here you go. Plus, there's Johnny Knoxville.


'Mulholland Drive'

It's David Lynch at his finest, and even if you powered through Twin Peaks with minimal discomfort and confusion, you'll still be freaked out by what's hiding behind the dumpster.


'Vanilla Sky'

It's basically Cameron Crowe does David Lynch, if you need something that's Crazy Lite.


'Grease 2'

Some fun musical fare for you. It takes everything you loved about the original Grease and does it incredibly poorly. Michelle Pfeiffer is also there.


'Sharknado' 1-4

All of them are available, all of them are hilariously ridiculous, and I personally reaped a lot of joy from the latest installment, in case you want to jump straight into the deep end.


'Sleeping Beauty'

Kind of erotic and mostly disturbing, it has student Lucy in a sort of weird game of almost-prostitution: She's willingly sedated and men are allowed to curl up right next to her while she's knocked out.



Look at the scribbliness of this animation. Isn't that enough?


'White Bird In A Blizzard'

This feels like a somewhat straightforward mystery with Shailene Woodley as a teen left in the cold when her (admittedly kind of kooky) mother goes missing. It's worth the resolution, suffice to say.



If you aren't sold on the claymation coma deathland, then maybe I can interest you in Rose McGowan as a neon-green clad cat-lady.


'Ten Thousand Saints'

The description teases this as a fun, little journey about how a straight-edge punk saves a boy's life. But it's way more complicated than that, between all the teen pregnancy and teen Hare Krishna wedding.


'My Little Pony: Dancing In The Clouds'

This may seem slightly out of place. I'm just going to say that my roommate and I watched this by accident a few nights ago, and it's so worth it for all of the names alone. Just when you don't think they could get anymore absurd, they'll introduce a Gigglesnort or a Sparklyspree.