12 Women's March Signs That You Can Print On Your Way Out The Door

The fact that it's already been a year since the first Women's March on Washington and its sister marches in other cities is shocking. Now it's 2018, and once again we're faced with so many signs to make, and so little time. If you don't think you'll be able to spare a minute to try and design anything fancy to carry, do consider the printable signs for the Women's March on this blog. They're fabulous and sure to turn heads — toward ending the systemic effects of the patriarchy, that is.

This post has you covered for a wide selection, as well as the Women's March website and its printable options too! Both of these sites are great resources, and you can get a sampling of what they have to offer right here.

Last year, there were signs handed out free of charge at the Women's March on Washington. But if you already know you want to carry one, it's always better to choose it yourself and think about what sort of message you also want to send. Raise them high and proud tomorrow, and then maybe stick a few more on your computer, your walls, your desk, or give them to family and friends to remember the women year-round.

It seems just yesterday that everyone and their mother (hopefully!) was wearing a pussyhat and imploring the world to let us matter. And it's time to do it again. Here's a selection to get you started.

Our Liberation is Bound in Each Other's

This message is one that reminds women they're in this together. A girl carrying this might be thinking, if one woman isn't free, how can the rest of us be? Women lifting up other women has been a theme commonly written about and is getting loud enough to attract the world's attention. It's even more important at this hour. It's also simplistic and not overwhelming.

A Woman's Place is in the Senate and the Oval Office

This is for those who still think about the time Hillary could have been our first female president, and been excited about a woman making the decisions at the table (sigh). But we gotta keep fighting the good fight — this sign is for the women who want to remind the world we still have the power to make that happen.

My Body My Choice

This is a great graphical representation of anyone who wants to call to action for women to have agency over their bodies.


A great prompt for reflection. You may ask: what is it that you march for, fellow feminists? Make your own mantra to shout off this hashtag, or start a discussion on Twitter.

Unite With Love, Resist With Love

A reminder to carry around that touts women are all in this together, and love is what is going to get us in, and love may be what gets us out.

Not Going Back

This is a reminder for all that we do not want to regress in how we treat women — a great, patriotic one for all who want progress and to never go back to the days of yesteryear of female objectification.

Women's Rights are Human Rights And Human Rights are Women's Rights

This sign is a good reminder that we want society at large to remember to humanize women, even those overseas who are suffering in foreign countries right now.

We Honor The Legacy of the Movements Before Us

If you're a Gloria Steinem fan girl, this sign could be for you. It's a reminder that academia and feminism should go hand in hand, for us to remember the contributions of the feminists before us who also marched for equality. Still working on it, ladies!

This is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Margaret Hodge, a British Labour Party politician, said that women’s careers are “a marathon ... not a short sprint,” in reminding us that it's not about racing to the finish line, but pacing our energy to continue persistently fighting until we win.

We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest

Keep fighting the fight.


This one could seem minimalistic AF, but it's a reminder that political participation should be well-structured and strategic. Known fave Obama once said this, and exercise our right to petition government no matter who's in charge.

Expect Us

We're coming.