12 Spring Wedding Guest Dresses From Zara, Reformation & More

Christian Vierig/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Welcome to the start of wedding season. From now until September, you won't have a single free weekend that hasn’t already been claimed by a wedding, whether it's your bestie, work wife, family friend, or husband’s-cousin-five-times-removed. The one thing they all have in common? You need a wedding guest dress to wear.

No matter how hard you try, last year’s Spring dresses just don’t seem to cut it. Blame it on your winter wardrobe slump or the fact that you want a look that feels current and on-trend (without upstaging the bride, of course).

Some rules of thumb: go for a dress that's festive enough for the celebration and comfortable enough for the reception. Steer clear of white hues for obvious reasons. Choose subtle prints that will turn heads without drawing too much attention away from, you guessed it, the bride. Opt for dresses with details that will make your life easier day of; think pockets, zippers, and the like. And finally, bonus points if you coordinate (but don't match exactly) with the bridal party color palette.

Ahead, you will find all the best dresses for Spring weddings at every budget, starting at $35. You're guaranteed to find something for the many weddings on your calendar in the bunch.