12 Things Anyone Who Works Long Hours Should Buy


"Just one more hour. One more hour and I'll be done," you say, looking at your computer screen, staring at easily five more hours of work that's due before you can move your behind from that chair. Life isn't about work, but sometimes, you just have to get stuff done. If you tend to feel completely swamped at the office, I've rounded up 13 things anyone who works long hours should buy.

We're supposed to have 40-hour work weeks, which — if you ask me, which I know you didn't but I'm going to tell you anyway — is entirely too much already. But wait! It gets better. So many of us are working well beyond 40 hours a week. We get to work early "just to get a head start." We stay late so that "tomorrow morning won't be as brutal."

And then let's not forget how many times in the evenings and during the weekends we check our work email "real quick" and end up knee-deep in it for another hour. Come on. I know you check your work email when you're sitting on the toilet at home. Let's not play games.

Obviously the situation is not ideal, and it's important to maintain a healthy work-balance if you have the privilege of being able to do so — but, if you are going to work a lot, consider these 13 products that might ease some of the stress.