Here's What We Need From The New 'TRL'

by Lakecia Hammond
Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The '90s were for grunge, plastic chokers, and Total Request Live. Recently, MTV announced a TRL-like reboot that's sure to excite any '90s kid. But, for me, there are some things we need from the new TRL before I get excited along with you. If you, like me, were the kind of kid to eagerly wait for your favorites to hit the number one spot; or if you, like me, took joy in seeing how much of the song they would play before the next song was queued up, then I think you'll agree that not just any old substitute for TRL will do.

For example, MTV Live will feature a new and improved studio, but hopefully also the studio audience and fan signs we all reminisce about. And will there be '90s and '00s stars there to help onboard all of today's talent or will the producers of MTV Live make it something a little different from what we remember? Either way, TRL has been missing in action since 2007, and MTV seems to be getting back to its roots with this move to bring more music back to the network.

So, with all of that said, here are a few things that the reboot needs.


A Photobooth

When the camera panned over the studio before a commercial break, we always hoped to see our favorite celebs snapping some pics in the photo booth.


Guest Hosts

It was always fun to challenge our favorite celebs to add another job to their resume by announcing some of our favorite songs on the countdown.


Carson Daly

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I was sad the day they said they were replacing Carson, but that didn't stop him from making a return. TRL was and will never be anything without him.


Britney Spears

Spears gave us chart-toppers while also serving up some pretty impressive TRL guest hosting skills. It's safe to say that she ran the show most of the time, so having her back for MTV Live is a must.


Live Musical Performances

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It didn't matter who was in the building; it was always a party in the TRL studio.


Crazed Fans

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Let's be honest, the energy we got from watching TRL came partly from the fans on the street. If you were lucky, they'd point you out and escort you upstairs to the studio.


Surprises For The Audience

No, not the kind of surprises where Mariah Carey starts to strip on live television.


MTV News Updates

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The news was nothing without SuChin Pak reporting.


Lots Of P. Diddy Appearances

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Because we'll never forget when he ran on the treadmill the whole show.



Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There was no telling who'd be coming through that doorway and, on rare occasions, it would be someone like Michael Phelps.


New Year's Eve Celebrations

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Because bringing in the new year was nothing without our favorite artists.


Those Awkward Audience Interviews

With nothing scripted, it was always fun to watch how fans reacted when they were shoulder to shoulder with their favorite artists.

Some moments were a hot mess, and others just priceless, but, either way, I think I speak for most '90s kids when I say that TV hasn't been the same without TRL.