12 Things You Should Do Before Mercury Retrograde Happens Again This Year

It's no secret that Mercury retrograde can be a straight-up nightmare. The cosmos turn against us, and it seems like pretty much anything that can go wrong, does. Before you give in to the temptation to start prematurely lamenting all the terrible things that are going to happen to you next time Mercury is in retrograde, allow me to suggest that you instead focus in the meantime on setting yourself up for maximum success and minimum stress. There are things you should do before Mercury retrograde happens again in 2018 that should help limit the number of catastrophes that can befall you next time the whole universe seems to hate you.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, Mercury will once again go into retrograde on Jul. 26, 2018, and will stay that way until Aug. 19. During this period, Mercury will appear to be traveling backward relative to the rest of the zodiac. It's an illusion that happens several times a year, and when it does, we often find that technology, communication, and travel are affected in a less than positive way. AstroStyle generally recommends caution in these areas during retrograde, but you can take steps in advance of Jul. 26 to make those weeks even more tolerable. Check it out below.

Apply For A New Job, If You're Looking For One

If you're not thrilled with your current gig, don't wait until Mercury is in retrograde again to start the job search process. While retrograde can be a good time to hunker down and polish up your resume and cover letters, you shouldn't do any active outreach, applications, or interviews during this period, according to Get a jumpstart on any job hunting-related communication prior to the next Mercury retrograde in July. By then, you could even be settled into a new job you love!

Sign Contracts

While Mercury retrograde can be a good time to review or consider contracts and other major commitments, AstroStyle does not recommend that you actually put your signature to any binding paperwork. If you plan to sign a lease, make any changes to your bank accounts, or buy a house in the near future, make every effort to do it before retrograde begins.

Back Up Your Data

Mercury retrograde is well known for its tendency to really mess with technology. Gala Darling advises that you limit the potential for disaster by backing up your data ahead of time.

Get Married

Newly engaged and planning a quick trip down the aisle? Go ahead and carpe that diem, but be advised that — per Astrospeak — getting married between Jul. 26 and Aug. 19 is probably not the best idea. Get hitched before retrograde starts again or delay until the skies return to normal. (And if you're in wedding planning mode, don't forget to get all the venue and catering paperwork signed pre-retrograde as well!)

Launch Your Blog Or Web Site

Mercury retrograde is generally bad for both technology and communication. Astrology Zone recommends that you introduce Web sites and blogs outside of the retrograde period. Share your creation with the world sooner rather than later.

Initiate A New Project

According to president Larry Schwimmer in Huffington Post, you should avoid starting new projects at the office or making big, career-making presentations while Mercury retrograde is at play. Get those big initiatives started now so you have plenty of time to wrap them up before retrograde kicks off.

Buy Big Ticket Items

Gala Darling cautions that any big ticket items purchased during Mercury retrograde are likely to be flawed or damaged. If you're planning to upgrade any of your devices, buy a new mattress, or finally take the leap on that high-end pair of shoes you've been eying up, it's best to do it well before Jul. 26.

Work Out Any Issues With Your Ex

It's ill-advised to attempt reconciliation (particularly of the sexual variety) while Mercury is in retrograde, according to AstroStyle. Any unresolved conversations or talks of a second chance should be managed before the cosmos turn against you and your romantic prospects.

Double Check Travel Arrangements

If you have plans to go on a vacation during Mercury retrograde, take some time prior to Jul. 26 to ensure that all of your plans are in order. Gala Darling notes that transportation can often take a hit during retrograde, so you'll want to be a little extra aware of your logistics — and how they could go wrong. Back-up plans are your friend!

Get Your Car Fixed

Astrospeak warns that any repair work done on a car (or bike) while Mercury is in retrograde may not be completed properly, so don't push necessary fixes off until July or August. Get those repairs done now so that you don't find yourself paying double for additional work that might be required during retrograde.

Have Big Conversations

Communication of all kinds can be a challenge during the retrograde period. According to Gala Darling, people tend to say offensive things and lose their ability to think clearly. Make time for meaningful and difficult conversations with the people you care about before things get murky. When it comes to big conversations, you need the solar system on your side.

Get A New Roommate

Clear two-way communication is particularly important any time you're looking for a new person to move in with, so if you're in the market for a new roomie, work on completing that search prior to retrograde. Schwimmer shares some new-roommate-during-Mercury-retorgrade horror stories in Huffington Post. Plan ahead so this doesn't happen to you!