12 Things You Didn't Know About Huda Beauty's Desert Dusk Palette, According To The Creator Herself — EXCLUSIVE

While many Huda Beauty fans were seriously upset over the news that the insanely popular and stunning Rose Gold palette was being discontinued, creator Huda Kattan has certainly found a way to make up for it. On Sept. 18, Huda Beauty's Desert Dusk Palette will be available worldwide (at all Huda Beauty retailers) and after you see this video of Kattan herself discussing the inspiration behind the gorgeous product and how she likes to use it, you are going to want it in your hands and on your eyes immediately.

If you tuned in to Sephora's Instagram account last month for the big reveal, you've seen how stunning the Desert Dusk palette's colors are and how different it is from her previous palette. Kattan wanted to create a product that was inspired by the beautiful and mystical desertscapes and sunsets of Dubai.

But not only are the shades unlike the pinks, browns, and nudes found in Rose Gold, Kattan has also introduced more formulas and textures that'll encourage you to be more creative with your look. "I want to push people out of their element a slight amount," says Kattan in her video.

In addition to matte shades, there are also shimmery pressed pearls, iridescent duo chromes, and a gorgeous pressed glitter that will take your makeup game to the next level. Oh, and wait until you see the packaging and the new mirror inside.

Here are 12 fun facts about Huda Beauty's new Desert Dusk palette that will convince you to shop the ultra glamorous product, if you haven't already been persuaded.

It Comes With A Bigger Mirror

If you were one of the many Rose Gold palette fans that yearned for a bigger mirror, your prayers have been answered. "We wanted to give you guys a huge mirror," Kattan says in the video. "We saw that a lot of you guys requested that and we wanted to give you guys as big of a mirror as possible.

There Are Four Different Textures

As mentioned earlier, there are a wider variety of textures in this palette than the Rose Gold one. There are eight matte shades, six pressed pearls, three duo chromes, and one sparkly pressed glitter.

The Mattes Are Super Pigmented, Of Course

For the mattes, Kattan says they wanted to "make something that was very pigmented, but very buttery and very smooth." If you love pigment and ease of application, you will love these mattes.

The Pressed Pearls Have Glitter & Iridescence To Them

The six pressed pearls — Blood Moon, Royal, Turkish Delight, Angelic, Cashmere, and Nefertiti — are something to be excited about. They have some glitter and some slight iridescence to them.

Rose Gold's Angelic Is Making A Comeback

If Angelic looks familiar to you, it's because she's bringing it back from the Rose Gold palette since she saw so many different people using it in so many different ways. "It's almost like our staple color," says Kattan.

The Duo Chromes Were Inspired By Desert Mirages

"Deserts are very mysterious, you think you see something, but you see something else," Kattan says. It was crucial for her to create "different shades that had color at one angle and color at a different angle."

Huda Made Twilight By Hand

Kattan has a special spot for Twilight because she made it herself! "I'm super proud of it. It has a little bit of purple, a little bit of blue, it's a lot of pinks in there. It's a really interesting color."

The Pressed Glitter Is Intense (In The Best Way Possible)

Kattan suggests using your finger with Cosmo. "Don't use too much — a lot of product will come out," warns Kattan.

Huda Is Obsessed With The Color Purple

When creating the palette, Kattan said that the first color she grabbed was purple. "Those are the first colors I put into a pan."

The Swatches Are Beyond

Look at that pigmentation! The colors!

Huda Shows You How To Achieve Her Signature Look

You have to watch the entire video to see how to create her stunning Desert Dusk look!

There Will Be More Surprises On Launch Day

According to Kattan, there will be many more surprises on Sept. 18 when the palette launches globally, so you best stay tuned to the Huda Beauty social channels!