Here's What HUDA Beauty's Newest Palette Looks Like Inside

Fans of the Rose Gold palette, get ready to lose your minds. While the aforementioned 2016 palette will always be a stunner, HUDA Beauty's new Desert Dusk Palette has made it's internet debut, and for now, it's got fans saying "Rose Gold, who?"

While that's not entirely true, the new Desert Dusk palette is the latest product from makeup artist and visionary Huda Kattan to make fans fall in love. On Tuesday, Kattan took over Sephora's Instagram to debut the latest addition to the HUDA Beauty line, and it was everything makeup lovers were hoping for, and then some.

While it's designed with the same packaging and pan shape as the Rose Gold palette, the Desert Dusk palette is much different in terms of its colors. Kattan teased both the outside packaging and a marketing image before debuting the shades, and she clearly knew what she was doing. Filled with oranges, red, and purples, the shades inside Desert Dusk perfectly complement both the packaging and Kattan's image.

Not only are the shades gorgeous in the pan, but they're also stunning swatched. Kattan graced fans with a glimpse into what the colors look like applied while on Sephora's Instagram, and let's just say, they look just as pigmented and gorgeous as fans of HUDA Beauty have come to expect.

These shades aren't just beautiful. They're totally unique.

The iridescent shine and almost holographic flip on the violet shimmer is shadow #goals.

The combinations of colors are so ideal for the palette's moniker.

Clearly, HUDA Beauty's Desert Dusk Palette is set to be one of the biggest launches of 2017, and come Sept. 18, it can officially be yours.