12 Memes & Tweets To Share For Women’s History Month

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Yana Paskova/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Though one might argue that every month ought to be women's month, March is officially Women's History Month, which means that it's time to roll out the celebrations, the history lessons and the honors. And, of course, while you're at it, you'll want to start checking out some memes and tweets to share for Women's History Month 2019, because social media is a great platform to spread awareness and pay homage.

It might sound silly, but social media can be a platform for change if you use it that way. No matter what your soapbox of choice is — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — you can use your page to promote and celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history, and inspire the women of today to be a part of the future's history, too. Posting a witty or moving meme or tweet is a great way to get the attention of your friends and followers, so why not lean into our phone-obsessed culture and post as much empowering female content as you can?

Here I've put together a list of memes and tweets that lift women up where they belong and help to remind those who need reminding that women deserve equality, because they are equal.

Inspire Yourself

It's great to have idols, but you should also take a moment to appreciate yourself and all that you do. Kindness starts within, so love the hell out of yourself so that you can love the hell our of your sisters.

I Am A Woman

Being a woman doesn't mean being soft, or weak. Being a woman means being soft and tough at the same time. Don't ever let anyone put you in a box. This month, and every month, celebrate all of the wonderful, contradictory and three dimensional things that you are.

Old Wives Tales

Old wives tales are still with us because deep down, we all knew the wives were the wise ones, and made a note to remember what they said.

Daily Reminder

Don't let men bring you down. As Queen Obama once said, "when they go low, we go high."

How About Equal?

When all you want is to be treated the way that you deserve to be treated, and yet it seems like a fairy tale. SMH.

From Hardship Comes Flowers

Our history is woven with tragedy, oppression, and honor, and today we prove that all of those seeds sow strength and profound beauty.


We don't need to put men down to raise women up. We can ask for respect without taking away someone else's. Above all else, be a good human.

You Are Valuable

What's more inspiring than Hilary Clinton's gracious and eloquent speech that she managed to give during one of the hardest and most heartbreaking moments of her life? There's always room to find grace and promote respect with respect.

You Are

If you remind yourself of nothing else, remind yourself every day this month of just how worthy, capable, intelligent, talented and unique you are. Then, share that sentiment with someone else.

Don't Wait To Be Who You Are

It's ingrained in our minds from before our time that we aren't free to be equal. Don't wait for permission to grow to your full potential. Spread your wings and inspire other women so that the next generation

Teach Them Young

Part of our job this month is to spend time sowing seeds for the next generation. If you're in a position to mentor a young girl and help teach her how powerful she is and how worthy of love she is, you'll doing a huge service. At the very least, you can tweet about it.

Our Country Needs Us

Perhaps more than ever before, our country needs women in politics. Our country needs strong women to step forward and encourage other women to raise their voices, too.