13 '90s Movies Streaming Now That'll Get You So Ready For The Fall Season

by Amen Oyiboke
Buena Vista Pictures

Fall, aka pumpkin spice latte season, is about to be upon us, and you know what that means? No, not just comfy sweaters and cute hats — it means that it's time to start planning get togethers with your friends where you all hang out, watch movies, and reminisce about the old days (you know, the '90s). And as we all know, there is nothing like a good childhood film to bring out that seasonal nostalgia, as shown by these '90s movies that'll get you ready for fall like nothing else.

Most movies that have something to do with fall tend to revolve around the events of Halloween or Thanksgiving, but watching films set during those two celebrations aren't the only ways a person can get ready for the quickly approaching season (although there are plenty of holiday-set movies on the below list, don't worry). Many of the other movies on the list center on the start of a school year, fall festivals, and family gatherings, and all of these backdrops help create a perfectly whimsy atmosphere of autumn. So get as cozy as possible on the couch, grab your friends, and bring out all your autumn essentials to spend some time watching these nostalgic fall movies, which are all streaming now.

1. Scent Of A Woman

Scent of a Woman is centered around Thanksgiving time, so it will definitely have you dreaming of hot drinks and cranberry sauce.

Stream it here.

2. Hocus Pocus

It wouldn't be a full '90s list of fall movies if this Disney classic wasn't on it. Hocus Pocus will get you ready to start decorating your place in advance of Halloween.

Stream it here.

3. Rudy

Football season just screams fall and with this movie set on Notre Dame's campus, you won't help but feel those fall semester vibes.

Stream it here.

4. Pocahontas

The leaves blowing during Pocahontas' "Colors of the Wind" rendition will make you think dreamily of colorful leaves falling on paved roads.

Stream it here.

5. Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home is about a young girl (Anna Paquin) who takes care of geese that she finds in a nearby forest and ultimately gets them prepared to fly South. Very fall.

Stream it here.

6. Fear

Yes, this thriller, which stars a young Reese Witherspoon and Mark Walhberg, is set during the fall. The dark love story is a high school love affair that takes an eerie turn for the worse.

Stream it here.

7. Scream

The Ghostface mask alone will have you yearning for Halloween, which is just around the corner.

Stream it here.

8. Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is set in Boston during the fall, as you can see by the plethora of trees with fallen leaves that serve as the film's main backdrop.

Stream it here.

9. Stepmom

The changing weather, fall festivities, and cozy sweaters and scarves worn by Julia Roberts in this film will have you ready to pull out your fall wardrobe.

Stream it here.

10. All I Wanna Do

The burgundy uniforms just scream fall semester.

Stream it here.

11. Practical Magic

Practical Magic has all the reminders that fall is around the corner: small towns, witches, and excessive amounts of candlelight.

Stream it here.

12. Election

Another Reese Witherspoon movie set during the start of a new academic year. The actor plays a terrifyingly ambitious teenager in this film, so she'll definitely remind you of the classmates you dreaded in high school.

Stream it here.

13. October Sky

The title says it all: October, clouds, sunsets, and stars.

Stream it here.

Get your hot apple spice cider ready and cuddle up in that cozy blanket, because it's time to start streaming these films.