13 Accessories From Anthropologie That Every Book-Lover Will Want To Buy ASAP

by Kerri Jarema

If you are at all interested in shopping, you have probably found yourself trolling the Anthropologie website for gifts on a weekly basis, fawning over all of the newest merchandise. The company fills their stores with all of the most beautiful clothing, homewares, accessories, and furniture — and it's easy to feel like you could have every single aspect of your life totally together if only every single thing you bought came fresh from the pages of an Anthropologie catalogue. And the pickings are even more inspiring for the bookish among us. If you're looking to make your life and home the most aesthetically pleasing space that is perfectly suited to all of your reading pursuits, look no further than Anthro.

Below are 11 items from Anthropologie that all readers should totally buy, whether to house their books, decorate their home, or just make sure that they have the coziest and most stylish space to read, write, and consume their favorite stories. Start planning your weekend jaunt out to the shops today, or just add all of these to your online shopping basket right now. Whatever your budget, you'll be able to find something that will set your bookish heart a-fluttering.

A Hanging Shelf To Display Your Most Special Editions On

Hanging Marble Shelf, $44, Anthropologie (Online Exclusive)

Anyone can have a regular old bookshelf, but how many people do you know who have a hanging marble shelf to display only their most special books? Exactly. So, you obviously need this one to take up a place of honor in your living room, bedroom or office. Put your prettiest and most cherished special editions on it and make all of your other bookish friends super jealous every time they visit.

A Candle That Disguises Itself As A Pretty Ceramic Flower

Ceramic Flower Candle, $26, Anthropologie

If you're anything like, you love to light a candle to burn while you read. But, even though it's easy to find candles that smell great, it's not always as simple to find ones that look good, too. But Anthro has got that totally covered with this super pretty ceramic flower candle. Once you're done burning it, just add the topper to disguise it as an pretty ornament for your desk, dresser or nightstand.

A Classic Pair Of Reading Glasses To Stop All Your Squinting

Barcelona Reading Glasses, $58, Anthropologie (Online Exclusive)

Have you noticed that nighttime reading is messing with your eyes? Maybe you just need a pair of really chic reading glasses. Anthro has a ton on sale, from more classic styles like the pair above, to everything from thick red frames to geometric shaped pairs. Keep your eyes from straining while also looking like the coolest librarian the world has ever seen? Talk about a win-win.

Mugs That Display Just What Type Of Reader You Really Are

Just My Type Mug, $12, Anthropologie (Online Exclusive)

Do you love steamy romance novels? Exciting adventure series? Dreamy magical realism? Whatever your bookish tastes, Anthropologie has a mug just for you. One of these sturdy hand-painted stoneware mugs will be your constant reading companion. Fill it with your favorite coffee or tea and let it carry you away to your favorite fictional worlds.

A Cucumber Slice Mask That Will Make You Feel Like You're In A Spa Everytime You Crack Open A Book

Kocostar Sliced Mask, $5, Anthropologie

What's the first image that comes into your mind when you think of a relaxing spa experience? It's it's not a couple of cucumber slices being delicately placed over each of your eyes, you haven't watched enough movies. These faux cucumber slices can be placed all over your face while you read, and they're full of pampering essential oils that will calm both your mind and your skin.

A Comfortable Robe That Is So Stylish You'll Want To Wear It All Day Long

Namaste Wrapped Robe, $130, Anthropologie

Every reader needs a comfy robe. If you're favorite hobby requires you to sit down for long stretches at a time, you'd better make sure your clothes are up to the task. And this robe was designed by a yoga instructor, so you know it was created with some seriously zen vibes in mind. If you've been looking for an investment piece to add to your loungewear, this is most definitely it.

A Reading Chair That You'll Want To Pass Down For Generations To Come

Willoughby Chair, $998, Anthropologie

Sinking into a favorite reading chair is the one image every reader turns to when they think about the luxury of indulging in their favorite hobby. And though it might take a few paychecks to save up for a really good one, think about an Anthro reading chair as an investment that will last a lifetime of reading adventures. Hey, you might even be able to pass it down to your own reading progeny some day.

A Literary Matchbook Set For Lighting All Of Those Candles

Novel Matchbook Set, $12, Anthropologie

Leave it to Anthropologie to carry a matchbook set that fits seamlessly into your lit-loving life. The "classic collection" features matchbook covers from Pride and Prejudice to Little Women that you'll feel more than OK with displaying on your coffee table, or even on your bookshelf next to all of your favorite reads. If you've got to light candles anyway, might as well make it a bookish activity, right?

Some Gorgeous Bookends That Will Keep All Of Reads Organized

Selenite Bookends, $68, Anthropologie

Bookends are somehow always the last thing I think of when it comes to bookish accessories, but they are actually some of the most vital when it comes to displaying a small collection of books. Do you want to keep some favorites easily accessible, or do you have travel or coffee table books that you want to make available to everyone who visits your home? These gorgeous lucite bookends will fit into any decor and you'll love them so much you'll want a pair for each room.

A Cozy Pair Of Socks To Keep Your Feet Warm All Year Long

Dobby Crew Socks, $30, Anthropologie (Online Exclusive)

You need socks, and while you don't need to buy them from Anthropologie, just try turning away from these sweet pom-pom style socks named after everyone's favorite house elf, Dobby. We can't promise these were actually inspired by Harry Potter, but does it even really matter? Keep your feet warm all year long while you lounge in your chair or on your bed, and never have to bookmark a chapter to get up and get a pair.

A Kettle That Will Make All Of Your Favorite Hot Drinks And Look Great In The Process

SMEG Kettle, $140, Anthropologie

A kettle is another readers' essential, but one that you probably don't think too much about when you pick up at $20 one on last minute sale. Why not go the extra mile and invest in this insanely cool SMEG kettle (available in pink or white so it will fit into your kitchen no matter the chosen decor) so that you don't have to keep repurchasing new kettles every few months?

Wall Art To Elevate Your Reading Space From Simple To Spectacular

Solar System Wall Art, $78, Anthropologie

Yes, you can read pretty much anywhere and everywhere, but if you're all about the idea of making your bookish time a ritual, you're going to need a reading oasis that calms you down. By decorating the space with some pretty art, you'll be drawn to your reading corner day in and day out.

A T-Shirt That Will Put You In The Right Frame Of Mind No Matter What Day It Is

Travel Graphic Tee, $78, Anthropologie

Put yourself in a Sunday state of mind every time you sit down to read when you don this pretty graphic tee. Even if it's not the weekend, you'll be in an instantly sunny state of mind... and what more could you want when you're sitting down to get lost in a good book?