13 Accessories From Anthropologie That Every Book-Lover Will Want To Add To Their Shopping Cart

By Kerri Jarema

If you are at all interested in shopping, you have probably found yourself trolling the Anthropologie website for gifts on a weekly basis, fawning over all of the newest merchandise. The company fills their stores with all of the most beautiful clothing, homewares, accessories, and furniture — and it's easy to feel like you could have every single aspect of your life totally together if only every single thing you bought came fresh from the pages of an Anthropologie catalogue. And the pickings are even more inspiring for the bookish among us. If you're looking to make your life and home the most aesthetically pleasing space that is perfectly suited to all of your reading pursuits, look no further than Anthro.

Below are 11 items from Anthropologie that all readers should totally buy, whether to house their books, decorate their home, or just make sure that they have the coziest and most stylish space to read, write, and consume their favorite stories. Start planning your weekend jaunt out to the shops today, or just add all of these to your online shopping basket right now. Whatever your budget, you'll be able to find something that will set your bookish heart a-fluttering.