13 Alexa Radio Stations To Listen To Based On Your Interests

Alexa Radio Stations To Listen To Based On Your Interests

Everyone's Amazon personal assistant has the same name — Alexa. She's popular because she has mad skills that include a bunch of curated Alexa radio stations based on your interests and obsessions. Can't get enough true crime drama (me all day), mindfulness meditation, or science stories? Alexa can connect you with a smart radio station that only plays stuff that appeals to you. Pretty boss, amiright?

If you're not in the know about Alexa's radio station skills, you can enable them by selecting Skills & Games from the menu. Next, tap the categories button and select Music & Audio. After you've done that, you'll see an extensive list of stations. You can then scroll through, type a category into the search bar, or ask Alexa to find what radio station you want.

For example, you can say, "Alexa, enable True Crime Radio," and Alexa will connect you with all the murder and mayhem you can handle. Once you've enabled your favorite radio stations, you can customize them to let Alexa know what you like and what you never want to hear again.

Whether you have a long commute or you just want to listen to your favorite station while you're making dinner or cleaning your apartment, Alexa will help you find a radio station that's totally your jam. Need some inspo to get started? Here are some Alexa radio stations based on your interests:


True Crime Radio, Because It's Always Crime Time

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If you're like me, any time is crime time. Listening to true crime content keeps me from going completely bananas in Los Angeles traffic. You know, because going five miles can take an hour, but that hour can feel like five minutes if I'm deeply engrossed in a good murder story.

If you're totally hooked on true crime, you can ask Alexa to play True Crime Radio so you can listen to My Favorite Murder, Thin Air Podcast, The Cleaning of John Doe, The Vanished Podcast, The Trail Went Cold, Casefile True Crime, Criminal, Serial Killers, and more without having to go searching for each show. The station begins by playing a handpicked selection of shows, but you can customize it to hear the shows and episodes you want.


History Podcasts, Because The Past Is Present

It's important to study history so humans don't keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. History can also be amusing AF. Personally, I love learning about history and I'm so excited Alexa can play History Podcasts when I want to hear about things like how President Taft allegedly got stuck in the White House bathtub in the early 1900s.

This station is a compilation of history podcasts so you can get all of your history in one place. Shows include: Tides of History from Wondery, The Memory Palace from Radiotopia, Annotated by Book Riot, Revisionist History from Malcolm Gladwell, Sidedoor from the Smithsonian, Constitutional from the Washington Post, and more.


TED Talks, Because Sometimes You Need A Little Inspo

The last few years have been one nonstop dumpster fire, and sometimes we all need a little inspiration to keep going. There's nothing to restore your faith in humanity like TED Talks, inspiring and powerful talks that are less than 20 minutes long. Ask Alexa to play you TED Talks, then ask her to sort by topic, or just listen to whatever inspiring story comes on.


Radio Mystery Theater, Because Old-Timey Radio Is Rad

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When I was a kid, my grandparents would pick me and my brother up every Sunday for some kind of outdoor activity. On the way home we'd always listen to old-timey mystery shows on the car radio. Well, there's a radio station for that. If you like old-timey mysteries, Ask Alexa to play you Radio Mystery Theater and try to solve the crimes alongside the characters.


Hit Music '90s, Because The '90s Was The Best Decade

Waxing nostalgic for the '90s? You can ask Alexa to play Hit Music '90s to get your fix of everything from Nirvana to the Spice Girls. If you're going on a long road trip or spending the day cleaning and decluttering your house, you most def need a '90s soundtrack to keep you motivated. Don't forget to stop every once in a while to have yourself a 30-second '90s dance party.


DParkRadio For When You Want To Feel Like You're At Disney

If you're mad about the mouse, and you visit Disney theme parks on the reg, you probably miss them terribly when it's time to go home. Well guess what my Disney-loving friendlies? You can ask Alexa to play you Disney theme park music all the live-long day with DParkRadio, the Alexa radio station that plays unofficial Disney park music 24/7.


Relax My Dog, Because Sometimes Spot Is Stressed

Got an anxious dog? If your four-legged friend gets hella stressed when you're not home, ask Alexa to play Relax My Dog. A mixture of chill nature sounds and instrumental music, the best part about this station is that you and Spot can also listen to it together. Reviewers say this station calms their pups down and gives them peace of mind when they're away for the day.


Weird Al Tweets! Because You Need To Laugh More

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I once saw Weird Al at a barbecue in Hollywood and made small talk with him as we made our way through the buffet line. He's actually lovely and shy IRL, but apparently he has a super funny Twitter feed that someone turned into a radio station. When you're feeling blue and you need a little funny in your life, Ask Alexa to play you Weird Al Tweets! It's pretty much guaranteed to turn your frown upside down.


Sounds Of Broadway For When You Want To Sing Along To Show Tunes

Are you the person who knows every song from every Broadway musical? There's an Alexa radio station just for you. Next time you feel like belting out "It's a Hard Knock Life" at the top of your lungs, ask Alexa to play Sounds of Broadway so you don't have to sing those show tunes all by yourself.


Sleep Sounds For When You're Tired

Who's not interested in sleep? After you're done dancing to the '90s and mainlining murder stories, you're going to want to ask Alexa to play you Sleep Sounds so you can drift off to dreamland. This Alexa radio station has tons of different sounds so you can choose the one that best helps you get your zzz's.


NPR One For When You Need To Know

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For radio heads who want to stay up to date on news and views, asking Alexa to play NPR One is a must. In order to use this station you'll need to sign up for an NPR account. After that you can start your day by listening to local, national, and global headlines, as well as curated stories.


Simple Radio For Global Access

If you're looking to access radio stations around the world, ask Alexa to play Simple Radio. With more than 45,000 stations, chances are Simple Radio has one you're gonna dig. You can also use this station to discover radio stations in every region of the world so you can stay on top of what's happening in places near and far.


Radio Locator To Find Your Local Station

For listeners who want to keep it local, ask Alexa to open Radio Locator. You can use this skill to find your local radio stations on Alexa radio so you can stay connected to the music, news, and stories happening where you live.

From vacuum cleaner sounds to holiday music stations and everything in between, no matter what your obsession, Alexa can find you a radio station that's 100% focused on your interests.