16 Amazon Playlists To Tell Alexa To Play


By this point in our technological advancement I assume nothing will shock me — that is, until teleportation becomes a thing. Still, I am constantly surprised with what cool things people will come up with next, such as when Amazon introduced Amazon Echo, a device that makes your life easier through verbal commands. Now you have a huge selection of playlists to tell Alexa to play while she searches for a restaurant near your house. You are living in the future.

Alexa has the ability to control your room's temperature, lights, and other switches. All you have to do is tell her! She can hear you from across the room and can play music with immersive, 360º omni-directional audio. Not too shabby! The best part is that Amazon has provided us with countless playlists brimming with catchy tunes by your favorite artists. Whatever your mood might be, Alexa has you covered.

Amazon Echo, $180, Amazon

The little column that is Alexa almost looks like a pretty knick-knack that you keep around your house for decoration. Then you turn it on and it becomes your best friend. Unwind after a long day by listening to an audiobook, or catch up on some news from the major publications out there (let's face it, you most likely aren't reading the physical copy at the moment). So kick back and enjoy just some of the many Amazon playlists that Alexa can play for you. There is one guaranteed to fit your mood.

1. If You Need To Get Back Into School Mode


Since school is about to start up again, you might need the soothing tones of the Classical for Reading playlist to get your mind back from vacation mode. Books have never had such a great background soundtrack before. And just as a side note, in case you don't know how to get Alexa to play any of these, simply say, "Alexa, play [name of playlist] and you're all set.

2. If You Feel Like Unwinding From A Long Day

I cannot fall asleep when there are no sounds around me. I feel like it's totally impossible for there to be an absence of sound. Nature Sounds For Sleep will solve that issue for you! You can listen to sounds of the ocean, rain, streams, babbling brooks, and much more.

3. If You're Feeling Nostalgic

If you're having trouble remembering the name of that one song from a few years ago that was on the radio ALL THE TIME, this playlist of top 50 Great Songs from the Last 10 Years will really help you out. It's got newer hits like "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons and older ones like "You Found Me" by the Fray, which came out in 2009.

4. If You Need A Little Inspiration


What can possibly pump you up harder for the day quite like '80s rock anthems? Nothing. I've tried it all and this Hair Metal Anthems playlist is the most effective BY FAR. According to, glam metal, or hair metal, is a sub-genre of heavy metal from the late '80s that's more pop-centric. Hair metal bands usually wore lots of makeup and flashy outfits. If you're still not familiar, think of bands like Mötley Crüe, Poison, and Van Halen.

5. If Working Out Gets Too Hard And You Need A Push

Working out is pretty much the worst. Getting up to work out is hard. Actually working out is hard too. Basically, the only thing that will make it easier is a soundtrack that has some killer Hip-Hop Workout jams to get you hopping.

6. If You Want Your Partner To Know It's On Tonight

Sexy times are going to get sexier with this Date Night Playlist. The soothing sounds of R&B are the exact medicine your body needs. To give you an idea, artists include Usher, Ginuwine, Maxwell, Aaliyah, TLC, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Boyz II Men, and Mary J. Blige. Even better, all of the songs are from the '90s.

7. When You And Your Friends Are Driving To Cabo


Hair bowing in the wind, top down, hands in the air, your friends in the backseat ... sounds like heaven. You guys clearly will need the proper tune-age to make the whole trip even better. Nothing can beat screaming with your friends to the songs on this Pop To Make You Feel Better playlist.

8. If You're Stuck Babysitting

Parents don't want you to play songs with sexual content or violent language, and that's completely understandable. So what's more PC than Kidz Bop? Nothing. The answer is nothing. You and your kid will enjoy countless hours of remastered songs like Shake It Off, Hey Ya!, The Middle, Single Ladies, and Cake By The Ocean.

9. When You Want To Feel All Of The Feels

Adele can make a mountain cry with her powerful angelic voice. Whenever I need a good emotional cry or just to hear the sound of her voice, I play this playlist. The Best Of Adele will be the best you can be in no time.

10. When You Throw A Pop Music Themed Party


Throwing a party means coming up with a playlist to keep people dancing and moving around. Luckily, the work has already been done for you. You can just play this 50 Great Pop Songs of the 2000s playlist and your guests will know the words to just about every single song. So sing your heart out to jams like Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone," Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy," Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way," and, of course, Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie." And if you're feeling extra millennial, you can check out some Amazon products that are super popular among people that grew up during the 2000s.

11. If You Can't Afford Coachella Tickets

Festival tickets are super expensive. According to, the price of tickets ranged anywhere from about $430 to $1,000 when Beyoncé performed in 2018. And if you can't afford them this year, that's totally okay because Alexa has a Long Weekend: EDM playlist that will put you in the mood without you getting sunburned and dehydrated.

12. When All Your Clean Shirts Are Flannels

Alternative music is music for how we feel on the inside most of the day. The 50 Great 2000s Alternative Songs playlist includes some serious bangers that will get you through the day, especially if you're counting down the days until the weekend.

13. When You Want To Take A Break From Technology


Sometimes you just want to focus on the simple things in life such as folk music or being along in nature. You can do that with the Ease Into Morning: Folk playlist. Relax with a bottle of wine and a rocking chair, or venture out on a hike instead of scrolling through Instagram.

14. When You Want The Simple Things In Life

Country music should be a lot more popular than it is, in my opinion. It's got great musical accompaniment and lyrics. For example, I can listen to 50 Great Classic Country Songs playlist and imagine that I don't live in an asphalt jungle.

15. After Your Purchased An Indoor Hammock

If you are on a quest to be the chillest person ever, the Cozy, Calm Afternoon Playlist will get you that title. The description for this Amazon playlist in particular reads, "Keep it mellow while allowing the creative juices to flow," and it's pretty accurate.

16. After You Successfully Cooked The Entire Thanksgiving Meal By Yourself


I air-guitar as a rule. It happens whenever I successfully accomplish a goal and I truly feel like the 50 Great Guitar Solos playlist has some of the best tunes to practice the craft to.

And if none of these appeal to you, don't worry — you can always check out Amazon Prime's other playlists next time you ask Alexa to play some music to fit your mood. To make things even better, Alexa also has radio stations in case you want to listen to local news stations, international news stations, old broadcasts, or other music.

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