Apps That Are Perfect Last Minute Gifts

Still not sure what gift to get for a friend or relative this holiday season? I know it's a stressful situation to be in, because time is almost up — and let’s be honest, if you order something online at this point you may not have it in time! So, if you’re still trying to think of a last minute gift idea that is still clever and thoughtful, then buying an app from the Apple app store may be your next best option.

Thanks to the beautiful world of technology, it is actually possible to buy an app for someone! To do so, inside the Apple app store, click the “share” button on the top, and then click “gift.” You then type out a simple email message, and can even schedule when you want the email to be sent.Which means, of course, that if you’re purchasing all of your apps today, you can make sure your friends won't receive them until Christmas Day.

Now, to find what app to buy. I took some time to hunt down some of the most favorited apps through iTunes an the Mac Store that will fit for all types of people in your life. These apps will help the working professionals, the game lovers, the bloggers, and even the Kim Kardashian-obsessed. So, take a gander and pick something out to send!

Dark Sky

Dark Sky

Dark Sky, $3.99

This app is for the friend who seems to always complains about how they never have an accurate picture of what the weather will be like throughout the day. Give them some reassurance with Dark Sky, an app that offers an accurate hyperlocal weather reports all day long. Dark Sky will alert users of incoming rain, snow, and can even give a daily forecast summary of the user’s lockscreen to wake up to in the morning.

Desk 3: Writing, Blogging & Notes For WordPress

Desk 3

Desk 3, $14.99

Have a blogging friend who works through WordPress? Make their blogging experience heck of a lot easier with this desktop app – giving them the ability to create posts in a stress-free content management system that they will love.

Mini Metro

Mini Metro

Mini Metro, $0.99

For the friend who is obsessed with architecture and city-planning (or even just a lover of the subway) Mini Metro will be their new favorite toy. It’s a game that turns your friend into a subway-map planner,creating a commuter system that makes sense for a rapidly expanding city!

Meditation Studio

Meditation Studio

Meditation Studio, $3.99

Give the gift of relaxation, and as Meditation Studio says, “mindful minutes” for the person in your life is constantly stressed and busy. This app will walk your friend through a selection of 200 guided meditations that will have them feeling more attentive and mindful on how to be happy, healthy, and even awesome.



Kimoji, $1.99

This is probably the best gift you could ever give your friend obsessed with Keeping Up With The Kardashians and anything involving Kimye. This set of emojis will give her emoticons even more attitude with a set of Kim, and other Kardashian, expressions.



Videoshop, $1.99

Is your friend always making and posting videos online? Up their video editing game with Videoshop, a simple editing app that allows the user to add text, music, merge videos, speed up and slow down clips, adjust and edit the display, and much more.



iScanner, $4.99

This is for that serious working professional in your life that you love dearly…but know that your gift should probably be something practical that will fit well with their career ambitions. This iScanner app will save them hundreds on a scanner, and allows them to scan any document wherever they are at!

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, $2.99

Is your friend still talking about Rogue One? Let them enter their own little Star Wars world with this game, which has been on the top charts in the app store for a while now!

Tabs And Chords By Ultimate Guitar

Tabs and Chords by Ultimate Guitar

Tabs and Chords, $2.99

Perfect for that friend or family member who took up the challenge of teaching themselves the guitar! Instead of surfing the Internet for these chords, give them an easy place to look up whatever song they need.This app also shows chord charts, tunes the guitar, and saves all of your favorite songs!

The Game Of Life

The Game of Life

The Game of Life, $2.99

Not everyone is into board games — there’s always the far and few. So if you have a family member who always pulls out a game during the holidays, and you secretly don’t want to play, give them a board game right on their phone!



Fontmania, $4.99

Is your friend always wanting to add cute text and graphics to their Insta-photos, but have zero graphic design skills? This makes the process way easier! With some pre-made designs, fonts, colors, and patterns,your friend will be designing beautiful photos in no time!



Babypics, $2.99

Along the same lines, this app is specifically for pregnant mothers and newborn babies! If you have a friend or even a family member who recently announced their pregnancy, this gift will be a fun way for them to document their whole experience!

Evernote Plus


Evernote Plus, $34.99 annually

This is for the friend who is obsessed with organization! With the app, the user is able to save notes, drawings, and other documents, in a series of folders that will save throughout multiple platforms. Although Evernote is free, the Evernote Plus allows for your friend to have Evernote on more than two platforms — which means they can access their notes on their phone, tablet, Apple watch, Apple TV, and desktop! Since Evernote Plus is an in-app purchase, this will have to be something you discuss with your friend to coordinate.