13 Arya Stark Quotes From ‘Game Of Thrones’ That Make Great Instagram Captions


Game of Thrones has always been a show full of characters we're not meant to like and trust. But through the last eight seasons, there have also been a few characters who stand out as totally beloved by pretty much every viewer, and Arya Stark is definitely one of them. The youngest daughter of Ned Stark, Arya has been a force to be reckoned with since day one. When we first met her, she was trying desperately to keep up with her father and her brothers in sword fighting, and doing whatever she could to avoid being like her more traditionally feminine sister, Sansa. Since then, Arya has had some of the most badass moments of the whole show, not to mention some truly great quotes.

Arya isn't a woman of many words — which is probably one of the reasons the Hound was so fond of her — but when she does talk, she always seems to have something important to say. She knows how to get her point across quickly, she doesn't sugarcoat anything, and she never lets anyone off the hook. She's inspiring for everyone, especially for women who feel like they don't always belong somewhere. She has tons of spirit, passion, and drive, and she is endlessly interesting. Why wouldn't you want her quotes all over your social media profile?!

Whether you're posting a random photo or trying to channel the Game of Thrones energy before watching an episode, some of Arya's quotes make truly awesome and unique Instagram captions. They might be about situations happening in Westeros, but most can easily be applied to something else in the best way. Arya is more relatable than she might seem sometimes!

Here are some Arya Stark quotes that make the perfect Instagram caption:


"Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe."

This quote, which Arya said as she murdered Walder Frey and the rest of his family, was pivotal in the show.


“Nothing isn’t better or worse than anything. Nothing is just nothing.”

Use this one whenever you're feeling particularly melancholy. Anyone who knows the show will get the real meaning, though.


"Not today."

Your friends who don't watch Game of Thrones might have no idea what you're talking about, but any fan of the show will appreciate the meaning behind these two little words.


“I am a wolf and will not be afraid.”

You might not be a member of the Stark family, but that doesn't mean you can't channel their energy.


“I wasn't playing. And I don't want to be a lady.”

For every girl who can relate to having no desire to act like a "lady."


"But I'm not a lady. I never have been. That's not me."

This is such an Arya quote. It shows that she's not interested in being anyone's lady... just her own person.


"I know Death. He's got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one."

Is this one relatable? Not really, but it's an iconic quote nonetheless.


"The world doesn't just let girls decide what they want to be. But I can now."

Said to Sansa during their reunion, Arya reminds everyone that she is one of the most badass feminists on the show.


"A girl has no name."

Everyone gets this one, right? Right.


"Our stories aren't over yet."

This is another quote Arya said to Sansa when they finally reunited and talked about what they had both been through. A pretty epic caption!


"Fear cuts deeper than swords."

More words of wisdom from Arya that make for an awesome photo caption.


"I don't need saving."

Arya didn't, and you don't either.


"Tell them the North remembers."

This probably in no one way relates to your life, but honestly... it's just a great quote.