13 Spring Book Releases With Beautiful Covers That Will Make You Swoon

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but sometimes, it's hard not to — especially when they are as beautifully designed as some of this year's spring titles. If you're looking for books that are as incredible on the outside as they are on the inside, don't worry, because you have plenty to choose from.

Like the books themselves, jacket designs tend to follow certain trends. Some years, the focus is on broad themes like water or flowers; other times, the "it" look is more stylistic, like hand-drawn covers or retro designs. The trends are always changing, always evolving, and, it would seem, always becoming more and more breathtaking.

This year, publishers are putting out covers with bright illustrated florals, unique typography, and a lot of birds, both drawn and photographed. There are also plenty of brightly covered jackets, and, as always, a lot of black and white. When it comes to title design, this year's books are leaning towards bold yet minimalist fonts, and personally, I can't get enough.

Whether you are looking for your next read or searching for the perfect title to display on your coffee table, here are 13 beautifully designed spring books you can definitely judge by their cover.

'The Female Persuasion' by Meg Wolitzer

Cover Design: Ben Denzer

As if you needed another excuse to run out and grab the It Lit book of the season, Meg Wolitzer's The Female Persuasion has cover so mesmerizing, you won't be able to stop staring at it. The book's powerful narrative about the role power, influence, ego, and ambition have in shaping modern womanhood isn't a bad reason to pick it up, either.

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'The Gunners' by Rebecca Kauffman

Cover Design: Nicole Caputo

Birds are a common theme for book jackets this spring, but few are as intriguing as the ones the grace the cover of Rebecca Kauffman's new novel, The Gunners. A moving narrative about friendship, trauma, survival, and growing up, the book's gorgeous design perfectly captures its gorgeous story.

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'Children of Blood and Bone' by Tomi Adeyemi

Cover Designer: Rich Deas

Is there anything more captivating than the beautiful illustrated woman on the front of Tomi Adeyemi's debut Children of Blood and Bone? Actually, there is: the the West African-inspired story that lives between its covers, a remarkable fantasy that will hook you from the first page and never lets go.

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'Blackfish City' by Sam J. Miller

Cover Design: Will Staehle

Dark and menacing, the cover of Sam J. Miller's new dystopian novel gives readers a glimpse into its menacing world without any exposition. Like the neon lettering and the fierce whale emblem displayed on its jacket, Blackfish City is a strange and imaginative narrative that will force readers to truly think.

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'The Future' by Neil Hilborn

Cover Design: Nikki Clark

An artful blend of photography, text, and drawing, the stunning cover of Neil Hilborn's The Future dares readers to open up and explore the world the poet has created inside. Like the book itself, the design of this highly anticipated collection is both biting and beautiful.

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'How to Be Safe' by Tom McCallister

Cover Design: Steve Attardo / Photography By: Martin Klimas

I don't know about you, just looking at the cover of Tom McAllister's Be Safe sends chills running down my spine. Like the shattered rose on the front, this book about a school shooting is dark, unsettling, and wholly unexpected.

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'Ecstasy' by Mary Sharratt

Cover Design: Martha Kennedy

Ecstasy is exactly what I feel looking at the cover of Mary Sharratt's new novel by the same name. If the sensual image on the book's jacket is any indication, this historical novel about composer Alma Mahler is sure to be simply marvelous.

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'You Me Everything' by Catherine Isaac

Cover Design: Lynn Buckey / Jacket Artwork: Roger Broders

Based on a 1930 tourism poster for Venice by Roger Broders, the gorgeous cover design of You Me Everything captures the novel's tone and feel: lush, romantic, and sweep-you-off-your-feet beautiful. Just looking at it makes you want to take a trip, doesn't it?

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'Please Don't Go Before I Get Better' by Madisen Kuhn

Cover Design: Anna Dorfman / Cover Photograph: Corey Wolfenbarger

If the cover of Madisen Kuhn's poetry collection is giving you serious Instagram feels, that's probably because the author of Please Don't Go Before I Get Better knows a thing or two about the platform that helped make her famous. Featuring stunning poems about self-image, self-discovery, and self-reflection, each page in this book is just as alluring as its cover.

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'What Should Be Wild' by Julia Fine

Cover Design: Sarah Brody / Cover Illustration: Magdalena Wasiczek / Trevillion Images

A whirl of darkness, beauty, and magic, the cover design of What Should Be Wild immediately transports readers to the Julia Fine's strange world before they even reach the first page. Once they do, though, they won't be able to tear their eyes away from the enchanting story about a young girl cursed with the power to give and take life with a simple touch.

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'Tin Man' by Sarah Winman (May 15)

Cover Design: Grace Han

Featuring Vincent Van Gogh's famous "Sunflowers" painting, Sarah Winman's Tin Man has one of the year's most breathtaking covers. It also has one of the spring's most breathtaking stories about friendship, love, loss, living.

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'Girl Made of Stars' by Ashley Herring Blake (May 15)

Cover Design: Whitney Leader-Picone / Cover Illustration: Goog Wives and Warriors

If the cover of Girl Made of Stars was a mural somewhere, I'm positive it would be one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in the whole world. Like the book it is designed for, the artwork for this YA is remarkable, complex, and worth a deeper look.

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'The Ensemble' by Aja Gabel (May 15)

Cover Design: Grace Han

In an alternate world, the cover of Aja Gabel's debut novel is a gorgeous framed print in my living room, or a breathtaking screen printed tote bag I carry with me everywhere. In this one, though, the jacket of The Ensemble is just the outstanding packaging around an addictive book about music, ambition, passion, friendship, and that complicated little thing we call love.

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