13 Books That Mean More To Me In My 30s — And Might Mean More To You, Too

Since I first learned to read, I’ve always been pretty interested in reading books that were well beyond my age group or understanding. Although my mother never really monitored or censored my reading material, there was still something that felt forbidden about browsing in the “big kid” section of the library or bookstore. I don’t remember exactly what age I was when I pulled The Fairy Rebel — author Lynne Reid Banks’ children’s novel about a rebellious fairy named Tiki who wears blue jeans and helps humans — off the shelf of my elementary school bookstore, but I do remember the librarian asking me if I was sure I was ready for it. (As it turns out, I was and wasn’t. As far as reading skill-level was concerned, I rocked The Fairy Rebel. But I was terrified of bees for years.)

It’s something that, to a degree, I still do. While all books are fair game for readers after the age of, say, 18, I have plenty of books on my shelves right now that I read before I could really “get” them. To a degree, maybe that’s true of all books — your relationship with the literature you love will evolve as you do, over a lifetime. But there are also some books that I’ve just come to appreciate more as I left my 20s behind me.

Here are 13 books that mean more to me in my 30s — and might mean more to you, too.