13 British +Size Clothing Brands You Need To Know

Because plus size fashion can often still feel like a microcosm of the fashion industry at large, it can be pretty important to spread one's roots when it comes to shopping. There are undoubtedly more plus size brands — indie and big-name alike — on the stateside scene than there were, say, five years ago. But there are also plenty of Britain-based plus size companies creating fatshionable wears in extended sizes. Luckily for American babes, many offer international shipping to boot.

While British and American styles often seem to overlap — with Fashion Weeks in London and New York regularly producing sartorial works that feel carved from the same stone — there are definitely some key differences when it comes to the world of plus. IMO, plus size fashion in the UK has a more playful vibe to it — through kitschy, alternative, or almost exaggeratedly on-trend details, many of the style aesthetics to be found when you cross over to the other side of the Atlantic offer highly redeemable variety.

It's for this reason that branching out from American companies can be so enjoyable. While shipping costs vary brand to brand, we're arguably pretty lucky to live in a time when shopping international retailers is made possible with the click of a few buttons. So if you're curious as to what fabulous plus size garments live across the ocean, be sure to check out the below brands — a mixture of independent and larger corporations — stat.

1. One One Three

One One Three

Varsity Dress, $31, OneOneThreeOnline

If the lack of minimalist or athleisure-based plus size pieces out there grinds your gears, One One Three might be your transatlantic problem-solver. Every item seems to borrow influences from contemporary street-style while remaining incredibly effortless to wear. From bomber jackets to oversized dresses to jersey fabrics, these looks are for plus size folks who refuse to accept that the "lazy girl trend" is only for their straight size counterparts.

All styles are available up to a US 24. At approximately $18 for international shipping, it's worth saving up if you're digging the easy breezy vibes.

2. Isolated Heroes

Isolated Heroes

Ziggy Sequin Dress Blue, $135, Isolated-Heroes

While its imagery isn't the most inclusive out there when it comes to utilizing models of many sizes, Isolated Heroes actually designs pieces for plenty of plus size babes. While most looks are listed at a base size range of US 4 to 20, the following note accompanies them: "Available in plus size. If your size isn't listed please send us a message and we will do our best to accommodate with a custom order."

Isolated Heroes is a haven for lovers of kitsch fur and sequins: Every garment feels like an unapologetic display of femininity and a no-effs-to-give attitude. Although the brand has a limited amount of stock in each style, items are often made to order as well as being handmade, so prices can get a little steep. That said, these are truly statement-making pieces: The kind that will likely transcend trends and decades. International shipping will cost you about $17.

3. Pink Clove

Pink Clove

Kim K Short Metallic Playsuit, $27, PinkClove

Available up to size 24, Pink Clove's wears are solid choices for the trend-focused fashion lovers out there. Whether you're after the metallic fabrications, skull motifs, bell sleeves, or Bardot necklines dominating fast fashion right now, this brand will have you sorted. Plus, it's a pretty budget-friendly shopping destination for those who'd rather not spend over $30 on any one piece of clothing.

Shipping to the US will cost you about $11 for orders up to $50. Any more than that and it's free.

4. Elvi


Premium Top in Shimmer, $32, Elvi

Elvi is all about offering premium options that evoke current catwalk and high fashion trends while remaining utterly timeless. Whether your style errs on the side of comfortable minimalism or luxe femininity, you'll be sure to find an exquisitely constructed, high quality design at Elvi.

Catering to sizes 10 to 22, the range leaves something to be desired. But here's hoping that the brand makes the decision to expand in the near future. With international shipping costing about $24, this is another one to save up for. The outlet section is definitely worth checking out if you're on a tighter budget, though, with most styles ending up there after a few months.

5. ASOS Curve

ASOS Curve

ASOS Curve Tulle Midi Prom Skirt with Tiers and Tie Waist, $62, ASOS

When most folks talk about British plus size fashion, ASOS is typically among the first brand names to come to mind. Its Curve section tends to focus on a mixture of on-trend pieces with all-time classics, selling everything from tights to party dresses to wide fit shoes to accessories. All clothing is available in sizes up to a US 24.

The company also offers standard international shipping at $3.27, two-day international shipping at $9.80, free standard delivery on orders over $32.68, or free two-day delivery on orders over $140.

6. SimplyBe

Joe Browns Create Your Own Look Dress, $75, SimplyBe

Shopping UK-based brand SimplyBe from the States is made all the easier through the company's American site. The retailer brings together myriad plus size designers as well as its own range in order to sell a medley of aesthetics all in one place. Many styles are also available up to a US 28, making this one of the more inclusive ranges out there.

What's great about SimplyBe is that its immense product list arguably ensures that a ton of sartorial preferences, ages, and sizes are all being catered to. Whether your tastes lie in trends, basics, earthy styles, or partywear-as-daywear, SimplyBe is bound to have something for you. All US shipping is free on orders over $40, or $6.95 otherwise.

7. Evans


Black Floral Shirt Maxi Dress, $90, Evans

With styles available up to a size 28, Evans is another extremely well-known British plus size brand. Most style aesthetics found here err on the side of classics: The kinds of pieces that might equally appeal to folks in their 20s, 30s, 40s, or beyond. The company is also a great hub for multiple other designers in addition to its namesake products, and is responsible for some legendary collaborations, like Beth Ditto for Evans.

All standard shipping is free throughout the US via the brand's American e-commerce site.

8. Lovedrobe


Lovedrobe GB Floral Print Contrasting Swing Dress, $42, Lovedrobe

If your wardrobe is decidedly feminine, Lovedrobe should definitely be on your radar. Styles you will find here encompass classic flapper sequins, delicate floral prints, and vintage-inspired swing dresses so that you may always wear your traditionally feminine tendencies on your sleeve.

Pieces are available in a size US 12 to 26 range, with international shipping costing about $6.

9. Yours Clothing

Black Fishnet Plunge Panelled Body, $26, YoursClothing

All garments at Yours Clothing are available up to sizes 28 or 32. Although the brand's wares are more classic than contemporary, the company truly is a hodge podge of style aesthetics. It's definitely worth frequenting for the hidden gems, like this incredibly fire bodysuit, as well as its cute takes on basic garments (shout-out to these granny chic floral joggers).

10. New Look

Curves Dark Green Leather-Look Biker Jacket, $49, NewLook

New Look is a prime spot for on-trend pieces with memorable twists, like this green version of the currently beloved biker jacket. With a range of sizes including US 14 to 28, it's definitely one of the more inclusive trend-centric shopping destinations out there for plus size queens.

Delivery to the US is free on orders over $67.55 or $9 otherwise.

11. River Island

Plus Red Floral Print Wide Leg Trousers, $49, RiverIsland

Accommodating US 14 to 24, River Island is another trendy shopping destination, but its pieces have the added quality of generally being suitable for all sorts of transitions. Need something to take you from the office to the dinner party to your night on the town, for instance? Chances are you'll find it here.

Standard delivery to the US costs $10, with express four-day delivery available for $15.

12. Missguided


Plus Size Beige Hammered Satin Tab Neck Dress, $43, Missguided

If the Kardashian sisters were ever to create a "curve" line, it'd probably look a whole lot like Missguided's collection. Styles are unfortunately only available up to a size US 20. But if you're a 20 or below and your aesthetic is all about nude tones, plunging necklines, bodycon silhouettes, wrap details, and mesh panels, then chances are you've found yourself a new bestie.

International standard delivery will cost you about $18, or nothing if you spend over $147.

13. Boohoo


Plus Mia Printed Band T-Shirt Dress, $18, Boohoo

Like Missguided, Boohoo is another destination that'll really only appease the U.S. size 12 to 20 crowd. If that's you, and you also regularly find yourself hopping between ultra girly pieces and slightly edgier rockstar vibes, then this is definitely a retailer to check out. US shipping can be as low as $4.90 or up to $14 for expedited options.

Considering that we exist in the digital age and all, there's little reason not to expand one's wardrobe into foreign territories — particularly when it comes to plus size options (an industry category still in need of way more options). So if you're interested in traveling overseas, let these 13 British brands guide you. And here's to many more options to come.