13 Creative People To Follow On Twitter If You're Looking For a Daily Boost Of Inspiration

by Kerri Jarema

We all know that social media can be a dark, scary, negative space — especially for women. But if you've spent enough time online you know that it, too, can be a source of great community support, hilarious memes and creatively inspirational posts from some of the greatest minds out there. Just a quick look at Twitter will reveal that there are just as many people trolling as there are talking openly about their experiences with staying motivated, inspired, and passionate about their work. In fact, I would go so far as to recommend that every creative person out there get themselves a Twitter account. You can follow only those people who are sharing messages of hopeful goals, uplifting ideas and practical advice — perfect for those days when you're down in the dumps about your own creative pursuits.

Below are 13 accounts from some brilliant minds you might know (ahem, Lin-Manuel Miranda), all of whom have written music, poetry, novels, and so much more — so they all know exactly where you're coming from in your pursuit of a creative life. These aren't your average accounts full of stock images and corny inspirational quotes. These are real people who found a way to get out of the muck and mire of creative life — or, more accurately, figure out how to do it again and again — and are here to share their Twitter wisdom with all of us. Click follow now and thank me later.

Lin-Manuel Miranda For When You Want To Let Yourself Dream Big

  1. Of course, we all know and love the genius that is Lin-Manuel Miranda but if you're not following him on Twitter you're missing out on some seriously inspirational (and frankly, pretty adorable) tweets like the one above, on a weekly basis. If you want some smiles with your inspo, this is the account for you.

Lilliam Rivera For When You Need To Stop Yourself From Falling Into Limited Thinking

YA author Lilliam Rivera has been super open on Twitter about writing her debut novel, dealing with the sophomore slump as she pens her next, and just offering generally encouraging words to her fellow aspiring writers. If you ever needed a kick up the pants to just get going, you're going to want to have her on your timeline.

Yoko Ono For When You Need To Dust Off That Old Manuscript And Try Again

Musician, poet and artist Yoko Ono has one of the most uplifting, positive and inspiring tweeters out there. In fact, every single one her tweets has some sort of sweet message, whether its about creative pursuits or just life in general. If you didn't get that job you were after or if your manuscript just got rejected for the fifth time, Yoko Ono will soothe your soul and help you get back to work in no time.

Misa Suguira For When You Need To Learn To Pat Yourself On The Back A Bit

Author Misa Suguira often gets real about the struggles of publishing, either through tweets of her own or through many RT's and endorsements of other authors' thoughts. The tweet above, about taking the time to give yourself credit for all of the hard work you're doing, is exemplary of the kind of content you'll get from Misa's Twitter.

Candace Ganger For When You Need To Stop Comparing Your Work To Others

YA author Candace Ganger has been not shied away from sharing her experience with publishing her debut, and the disappointment that came when she started comparing her success to other authors. It's a real problem that so many creatives face, and for those days when you find yourself feeling left behind and not measuring up, Candace has a tweet for that. If the thread above doesn't make you want to follow her immediately, nothing will.

Daniel José Older For When You Have To Work Through That Annoying Imposter Syndrome

Author Daniel José Older's Twitter account is a veritable treasure trove of advice and inspiration for the aspiring writer. Basically, he is someone you need to be following, no matter what your creative struggle is today. Just take a look at his tweet thread above that goes into the very real and very frustrating effects on Imposter Syndrome and tell me he doesn't speak to every creative bone in your body.

Mari Andrew For When You Need Some Unconventional Creative Support

Mari Andrew's Twitter is chock full of her popular lists, short prose pieces, poems and other revealing text, all paired with her adorable and beloved illustrations. Each one of her tweets has a little bit of advice, or commiseration, or inspiration for any creative, but especially for those who work in unexpected mediums. If you need a little bit of life advice, like in the tweet above, or you just want to surround yourself (via social media) with Andrew's relatable openness, follow her Twitter ASAP.

Eric Smith For When You Need To Get Excited About Your Work Again

Literary agent Eric Smith has turned his Twitter account into a space for industry news, tips for authors, and moments of real inspiration and encouragement for anyone hoping to break into publishing, in any capacity. Whether you're an aspiring writer or hope to be some other industry professional, Eric's account will offer you food for thought and moment's of clarity on a daily basis.

Jomny Sun For When You Need A Dash Of Creative Inspo

Humorist and author Jomny Sun is known for his hilarious meets hopeful Twitter account, full of tweets that are both sweet and a bit on the cynical side. If you need an account that is going to offer you some inspiration with a dash of realness because you just can't cope with thos sacchirine creative quotes any longer, go follow Sun right now, you won't be disappointed.

Yrsa Daley-Ward For When You Want To Make Something New

Poet Yrsa Daley-Ward has a Twitter chock full of insights like the one above, along with links to interviews she's done in which she shares some brilliant thoughts, RT's of other inspiring quotes and pieces from fellow writers/poets/creatives and insights on making new things and breaking out of the old confines of what it means to be a writer or creative person. Any poets out there in particular will want to have Yrsa Daley-Ward as their first new follow on Twitter.

Adam J. Kurtz For When You Need To Get Real About Your Creative Life

Adam J. Kurtz is well-known for his hopeful meets sarcastic merch — think: "At least you're cool on the internet" or "You are alone and that is OK emblazoned on buttons and ribbons — and he definitely brings that same vibe to his Twitter account. Kurtz will make you laugh during your heaviest creative moments, but he also gets real about what it means to be a creative person and live a creative life, including the sometimes stuggles of making things on the internet and the issues of competing with others.

Hank Green For When You Need To Understand That Creativity Is A Marathon Not A Race

Hank Green has been making things on the internet for a long time, and doing it so, so well. He talks on Twitter all the time about juggling his many creative and business pursuits in a way that leaves room for a healthy work life balance. But he also gets real, too. In the tweets above he talks about how he managed to write a book with all of the countless other projects he's got going on at any given time: persistence. If you need a kick to just get work done, Hank is your guy.

Mahogany L. Browne For When You Want To Make Your Life Your Poetry

Poet and writer Mahogany L. Browne is one of the best accounts to follow if you want to take inspiration from your own life and turn it into art. Writer of the Black Girl Magic poem, Browne often tweets about creating for women, finding gratitude in a creative life, making art to distrupt grief, and so much more. If you want a Twitter about creativity that does not, and cannot, exist in a vacuum, this is the account for you.