13 Dog Names From The '90s We Should Bring Back


The '90s were a treasure trove for trends. Pogs, slime, and butterfly clips. But the pop culture of the day was especially ~trendy~ enough to lend itself to naming our beloved pets. There were so many names for dogs that were popular in the '90s that we should bring back.

Let us not forget the amount of dog content that was available in the '90s before dog content was ever a thing to take over your Instagram explore page. We had our Golden Retriever hero, Air Bud. We had Chance and Shadow of Homeward Bound just trying to make their way back to their human BFFs are the good doggos they are. And there was no shortage of cartoons, of which dog pawrents of the '90s may have gotten their name inspiration.

Beyond "Max" or "Rex," there are dog names from the '90s that we should totally bring back. And most of them might be from the popular cartoons of the time. Wag!, a pet service site, writes, "The cartoons of the 1990s changed the industry, and the people who consumed its products, in a big way, so naming your dog after one of the characters from this period could also be seen as a show of respect for the level of artistic excellence exhibited during the decade." If you're thinking of a name for your pup, look no further than the past.


You don't shake paws with too many Shadows these days. The senior Golden Retriever from Homeward Bound made us all want to go home and hug our dogs. This is a name to definitely bring back.


The goofy American Bulldog from Homeward Bound stole hearts after the release of the 1993 film. Take a chance on this name again.


If you were a fan of Dexter's Laboratory, the cartoon about a boy genius, you might have had a dog named Dexter. You may have even shortened it to "Dex."


Daria, the dead pan high schooler of our '90s dreams. This popular name is one that should certainly make the rounds in 2019.


Who could forget the weird world of Ren and Stimpy? That's all I have to say about that.


Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls was a boss leader of the girl gang was a popular force in the land of '90s cartoon characters. It remains a significant contender for a sweet dog with a big, sometimes feisty personality.


Eliza from The Wild Thornberrys was all about exploring. This perfect '90s name is fitting for the kind of pup who likes to traverse the backyard and beyond.


Air Bud was everyone's bud in the '90s. You rooted for him. You cried for him. You loved him. And because of the movie's popularity, the name became popular too. Bud is a classic name fit for all gorgeous dogs, which means all dogs because every single pup out there is gorg.


The slobbery St. Bernard might have caused some ruckus but was generally a good boy. Beethoven might seem like a name that's a little too much. "Beethoven, come eat!" "Beethoven, fetch!" But it's a classic name that deserves a comeback.


Charlie from All Dogs Go To Heaven taught us all a valuable lesson. And gave us the perfect name for any pooch in the '90s. Charlie is a solid dog name for either your good boy or girl.


Balto, the Siberian Husky from Balto, was an actual hero who in 1925 led a team of sled dogs through snow and freezing temperatures to rush medicine to the children of Nome, Alaska who were suffering from a diphtheria epidemic. Balto got his own animated movie in 1995 so '90s kids would know the history of the brave dog. Need I argue more for why Balto should be a name we bring back?!


Out of 101 Dalmatians I remember two names. One of them being Lucky — the not exactly lucky little pup you adored but were stressed for.


The other name is Spot. A classic for the Dalmatian breed, but perfect for any unique pupper who is riddled with beauty marks.