13 Easy 2017 Arya Stark 'Game Of Thrones' Halloween Costume Ideas That All Fans Will Appreciate


If you don't root for Arya Stark on Game Of Thrones, then I'm not sure we're watching the same show. Everyone's favorite li'l queen of revenge/tiny terror, Arya, has been through a lot these past seven seasons. So, this Halloween, honor her journey (and look really tough doing it) with these easy Arya Stark Game Of Thrones Halloween costume ideas. Start practicing your sword-fighting skills now, because I guarantee at least three different drunk pals will, at some point, challenge you to a duel. (And if you're dressed as Arya, you better win.)

When Arya Stark first hits the screen in Season 1 of HBO's Game of Thrones (based on the book series by George R. R. Martin), she's the embodiment of scrappy: She's pint-sized, sharp-tongued, and eager to outdo her brothers Bran and Rickon in archery, sword-fighting, running around in the muck, and whatever else it is that children of the North do. Then, as you know, everything falls apart.

Arya, seven seasons later, has seen almost every member of her family murdered. She has survived on her own for years. She has raised herself into a hell of an assassin, avenging the deaths of those she's loved. And she's become a low-key master of disguise. Think you got what it takes to embody vengeance? Read on for some costume ideas all fans will appreciate:

Baby Arya, Child Of The North


Ah, youth, such innocence, such hope. Find a metal helmet and a fur ruff — listen, the Starks love a good fur look — and you're good to go.

Plastic Child Knight Helmet, $5, Amazon


Caracilia Faux Fur Shawl, $38, Amazon

Baby Arya, King's Landing


Most of Arya's time in King's Landing is spent in her first official sword fighting lessons. Nobody has the time for skirts when you're learning to dance on water! Snag a muslin shirt and some simple gray pants — and find you a pal to build a wooden practice sword. Or build it yourself, I don't know your life.

Yak and Yeti/Amazon

Muslin Cotton Tunic, $23, Amazon


Girlfriend Twill Chinos, $60, Gap

Nymeria The Direwolf Feat. Her Owner, Arya


Nymeria is a queen and she should not be relegated to a mere sidekick!


Caracilia Faux Fur Shawl, $38, Amazon


Funko Legacy Action Arya, $18, Amazon

Arya ~In Disguise~


For three seasons, Arya disguises herself as a boy and wears the same outfit. In order to truly pull this look off, you will unfortunately have to roll around for at least five minutes in dirt. Sorry but you gotta! Authenticity is everything!


H&M Sweatshirt, $15, H&M

Old Navy

Stevie Sueded Ponte-Knit Pants, $25, Old Navy

Needle The Sword


Serve iron gray realness as Arya's most trusted sword, Needle, which was gifted to her by Jon Snow back in the early seasons of the show. I'm not going to say you should go around poking people in the ribs all night, but I'm not not going to say that, either.

Regina X/Amazon

Regna X Tunic Dress, $20, Amazon

Arya, The Girl Who Tries


Finaaaaaally, Arya gets a new outfit when she joins up with The Faceless Man. Sure, it's a simple black dress, and sure, she does a lot of sweeping and gets bullied by other acolytes, but Arya is a survivor.


Minibee Cotton Linen Tunic, $29, Amazon


Rubbermaid Corn-fill Broom, $10, Walmart

Faceless Arya


Same costume from the previous look, but add a spooky, unidentifiable face mask. Freak everyone out. Speak in riddles.

Classroom Direct

Plain Plastic Mask, $3, Classroom Direct

Oof, Blind Arya

Get you some white contacts and a bowl for alms. Maybe don't shower for like... a week in preparation? Your partner and friends may hate you, but your fans, oh, your fans, they will applaud your commitment.

Top Color Contacts

White Eye Halloween Contacts, $27, Top Color Contacts


Burlap Table Runner, $14, Amazon

Arya, Oysters, Clams And Cuckles


Those! Spiral! Buns! Honestly just figuring those out (here's a tutorial) and shouting, "Oysters, clams and cuckles!" would be enough.

Blush Avenue/Amazon

Crochet Fish Net Bolero Shrug, $7, Amazon

Universal Direct Brands/Amazon

Embroidered Peasant Skirt, $50, Walmart.com

Arya's Kill List


Who's on the list? Write out their names on a plain white t-shirt. Cross out those who are, uh, no longer with us. Bonus points if you splash a bit of blood and dirt on that bad boy. Killing folks is not easy work.

Fruit of the Loom Men's 6-pack, $17, Amazon

Arya On The Road


Man, to see Arya smile, to see Arya with some pals - my heart, she breaks. This look is mostly A Leather Cape and gloves. Let's see what we can scrounge up, huh?


Upas Faux Leather Cape, $60, BCBGMaxAzria


Heavy Duty Work Gloves, $25, Amazon

Arya Of The North


The cape is the toughest element to this look, but I trust you: You got this. Also, don't be weirded out by the fact that I've suggested a rug here — Game of Thrones uses rugs for capes themselves!


WenVen Faux Leather Jacket, $48, Amazon


OJIA Deluxe Area Rug, $20, Amazon

Arya, The Executioner


Look closely — this is Stark armor, the same one worn by Ned, Robb, and Jon Snow. Arya, in this look, is home. Also, hear me out: leather vest worn backwards equals Stark armor.


Men's Motorcycle Vest, $22, Amazon


Faux Leather Skort, $21, MissGuided

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