13 Ways To Recreate Your Favorite Childhood Costume This Halloween

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There were times as a kid that our parents knew what they were doing when it came to dressing us up for Halloween. Though that never seemed to take place on school picture day, mom and dad really stepped up to the plate as Halloween approached. If you've been scanning your disposable camera prints from yesteryear with a yearning, there are ways to recreate your favorite childhood Halloween costume. Take those pictures as more than a #TBT opportunity, and instead as a source of inspiration.

Your adult closet is full of options. With all the adult things we grown ass woman have to stock up ~looks~ for, there's a lot to work with. Work skirts morph into poodle skirts. Transition jumpsuits reserved for the weekend into the base of a superhero costume. Denim overalls you wear to brunch in the hip part of town become the staple of your childhood cowgirl career dreams. There's so much to work with in the adult closet your younger self always wanted to have. Use it to recreate the vintage Halloween looks you so enjoyed in your youth.

You know the costume you couldn't wait to wear to the school parade and wanted to wear to class on a regular day in December? It's all here and it's all possible to bring back for one more year of candy collecting.

Pippi Longstocking

Sleeveless Chiffon Shift Dress, $29, Sans Souci | Fitted 3/4 Sleeve Top, $8, Monki | Barbour Beach Striped Socks, $13, Outdoor and Country | Morrocan Oil Luminous Spray Extra Strong, $24, Amazon

Pippi is all about adventure, strength and quirky hair styles. The character was always first choice because of the whacky way your hair could stand. Leave the wig at home and go full DIY this Halloween. There's definitely a YouTube tutorial to achieve the best set of freckles and wing-span braids.

A Witch

Black Long Sleeved Skater Dress, $59, Dorothy Perkins | Black & White Stripe Sock, $6, Amazon | Black Velvet Bootie, $36, Amazon | Classic Purple Witch Hat, $6, Party City | Matte Black French Manicure False Nails, $4, Claire's

Thanks to the movies we binged as children, we were taught that there were good witches and bad witches. We also learned that come Halloween it was more fun to dress as the kind of witch who deals out poisonous apples. While witches actually have a long history and can not be definitively represented by the Hollywood image that stereotyped them. As a kid you probably knew nothing else. Now an adult, pull out the best of your black wardrobe a la American Horror Story: Coven.

Little Mermaid

Sandra Strappy Camisole Vest Top, $11, Wearall | Green Fish Scale Print Leggings, $8, Romwe | Fish Earrings, $13, Nordstrom Rack | Red Middle Part Long Wavy Wig, $28, With Chic

Disney princesses were a go-to costume idea in our youth. As a new set of princesses start roaming the streets looking for candy, bring it back to the '90s as one of the originals.


Black Ruffle Layer Sleeve Jumpsuit, $38, Pretty Little Thing | Pop Culture Beanies: Superheroes, $14, Groupon | Sly Thing Faux Fur Lined Booties, $37, Akira | Batman Apron, $17, Very

Not all little girls strived to be princesses. Some preferred to try on a Batman suit for size. While there is becoming an abundance of woman superheroes like Wonder Woman and Bat Girl, if your favorite Halloween was spent as Batman, there is no problem in tying abs around your waist and slapping the bat mask back on.


Long Sleeve Flannel Plaid Shirt, $17, Amazon | Denim Bib Overalls, $35, H&M | Western Cowboy Boots Embroidery Cognac, $45, Groupon | Women's San Diego Hat Company Raffia Cowboy Hat, $36, Overstock

Wrangle your friends up for Halloween this year like it's 1999. Sometimes when we dressed up for Halloween it was as something we wanted to be when we grew up. Didn't actually become an equestrian or live on a ranch? No problem, I'm sure you still have a pair of cowgirl boots for when you want to act out that childhood dream.


Amore Mesh Tulle Skirt, $35, Chic Wish | Dana Off Shoulder Bodysuit Leotard, $17, Wearall | Lipsy Lace Up Ballet Flats, $22, ASOS

Reliving Halloween as a ballerina is as easy as one, two, three and one, two, three. Take position in a tulle skirt, bodysuit and ballet flats. Tie your hair back in a tight bun and twirl out into the night.

Bumble Bee

Bee Stripe Emoji Patch T-Shirt, $17, With Chic | Vel 40 Tights, $28, Nordstrom | Black Mini Skirt, $15, Amazon

Your parents probably dressed you up as a bumble bee when you were a plump little baby. It's that kind of costume that racks up the likes on a #TBT these days. Buzz back in time as a bee this Halloween and text a picture back to mom.

Captain Planet

Gamma Ray Red Extreme Crop Sweater, $35, Mistress Rocks | MOTO Bow Front Denim Jumpsuit, $40, TopShop | Patent Faux Leather Sock Boots, $35, Forever 21 | Classic Green Beret, $13, Amazon | Black Metal Buckle Belt, $6, Make Me Chic

It feels like we need Captain Planet more than ever in 2017. No, literally, it's late October in New York City and I'm about to go turn my air conditioner on. You can bring the environmental 90s superhero back to modern day by pairing red, blue and green together.


Turtleneck Top, $25, H&M | O-NEWE Strap Pocket Button Pure Color Jumpsuits For Women, $31, New Chic | ELF Troll Pixie Wig Color Film Style Adult Characters Cartoons Festival, $11, New Chic

It was impossible to enter a playroom in your youth without encountering a gaggle of troll dolls. They were always the most patient clients of your make believe hair salon where you practiced styles on their vibrant hair. These dolls would later become a perfect group Halloween costume. Bring it back this Halloween with natural toned jumpsuits and wigs.


Floral Patch Midi Dress, $29, Sans Souci | Princess Or Superhero HOODED CAPE Childrens, $13, Amazon | Adult Vampire Teeth, $8, Amazon | Fake Blood Gel Tube, $3, Amazon

Since the beginning of our Halloween experience, and maybe probably time, Vampires have been a go-to inspiration for costume. They're regal and seductive and dangerous. As a kid of course, it was all about running around screaming, "I want to suck your blood!" As an adult, you can bring back your favorite Dracula outfit with an updated approach.

Dorothy From The Wizard Of Oz

Gingham High Waisted A Line Vintage Dress, $19, Rose Gal | Lace Frill Sock, $2, Miss Selfridge | Women's Red Glitter Pumps, $35, Costume Discounters | Pink Straw Woven Shoulder Bag, $23, Yoins

Grab your little Toto and turn every sidewalk into a yellow brick road under your sparkle pumps. There's no place like home and the Dorothy outfit in your Halloween costume queue.

Sock Hop Girl

Shimmer Cardigan, $18, GAP | White Frill Sock, $12, Amazon | Basic Fall A-Line Skirt, $37, Chic Wish | Perforated Oxfords, $29, GAP

It wasn't Halloween if you didn't see someone out and about in a poodle skirt. The Sock Hop ~look~ was a popular option as a kid and thankfully it's easy to bring back around the block this Halloween as an adult. And you're going to look classy as they come. Pull together your fullest A-Line skirt, cropped cardigan and oxfords and mash potato your way into the night.

Cruella From 101 Dalmatians

Faux Fur Coat, $41, Zaful | White Polka Dot Print Maxi Skirt, $39, With Chic | Sophie Black Suede Heeled Stiletto, $13, Pretty Little Thing | Black And White Women's Wig, $15, Amazon

The cruelest of them all, Cruella de Vil has quite the cryptic name to match her manners — or lack thereof. The black and white tones of her wardrobe were popular to imitate as young kids scaring their way from door to door. As an adult, we can now fill out her chic style with stilettos and faux fur accessories. Key word: Faux.