Easy March Madness Party Ideas

by Kiersten Hickman

With March Madness upon us, it’s probably time to start thinking about that huge party you’re going to throw for your bracket family during the final game. It has to be a big blowout since you’re all super into seeing who wins this year — and no shindig of this caliber should be taken lightly. But of course, you probably don’t have a ton of time or resources during your busy week to plan a perfect party. Not a problem — I have put together 13 easy March Madness party ideas that will make the planning process oh-so-simple.

First, there has to be really, really good snacks. I’m talking yummy pretzel bites with cheesy sauce, decadent nachos, and all the fried wings you could ever dream of. Maybe a few green things in there, too, so you can at least try to claim you had some healthy options. Nevertheless, food is probably the most important part of the game watching experience because, you know, nervous munchies and all.

Second is the decorations. Finding basketball themed decor isn’t much of an issue since almost every nine-year-old kid in the world wants a basketball themed party (like, I wanted one when I was nine). But finding the right stuff for adults? That can get tricky. Which is why I found decor that not only sets the tone, but can also be a part of your game day shenanigans.

Lastly, the game. You need a big TV, lots of cushions to sit on and throw at your friends when your team loses (or wins), and a well rested voice that can scream really loudly whilst throwing pillows.

Here’s all the supplies and details you need for an easy March Madness party:


Blue Corn Nachos With Homemade Guacamole

These nachos by Cookie + Kate will satisfy those snack cravings for all the vegetarians coming to your party.

Cheesy Pizza Bread

You could order pizza…or, you could just make it with this recipe by Damn Delicious.

Fried Mac & Cheese Balls

Mac & cheese is already the bomb, but fried mac & cheese? Yum. Get the recipe from Damn Delicious.

Soft Pretzel Bites

I’ve always been utterly obsessed with those soft pretzel bites at the mall, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one. I’m sure these by Cookies & Cups will be gone in a flash.

Chubby Hubby Snack Mix

You need something sweet with all of that salty, yes? This Chubby Hubby snack mix by Cookies & Cups will do the trick!


Because every sports party needs wings. Make this easy (and yes, healthy) recipe by The Kitchn.

Sweet & Sour Turkey Meatball Subs

And of course, meatball subs are kind of a classic for game day grub. These subs by Climbing Grier Mountain seem like they need to be on your snack table.


Basketball Flatware

Basketball Flatware, $28.50, Amazon

Pretty classic for a basketball-themed party, but absolutely necessary.

Basketball Court Tablecloth

Tablecloth, $7.46, Amazon

It’s like an actual court, but with food! Food basketball, anyone?

Giant Bracket Chart

Giant Bracket Chart, $59.95, Amazon

For all of the super dedicated watchers out there, fill out this bracket as time goes on with your bracket family until the final game!

Basketball Free Throw Shots

Basketball Free Throw Shots, $26.25, Amazon

Throw a shot, win a shot. Makes sense, right?

Basketball Piñata

Basketball Pinata, $12.95, Amazon

I’m assuming you’re supposed to hit this with a baseball bat or something of the sort. But I think you should kick it (jump it?) up a notch and throw a basketball at the piñata.

Basketball Hat

Basketball Hat, $19.99, Amazon

Crown the king of your bracket family after the last game with this amazingly elegant basketball crown.