13 Amazing Fetish Sex Toys For Long-Term Couples

So, you've been with your partner forever. You see them naked more often than clothed and at this point, it's not even sexual so much it is an aversion to pants. If sex has become a multitasking activity that you do while watching The Walking Dead, sex toys for long-term couples might just be able to add some much-needed excitement back into the bedroom.

According to sex experts, incorporating toys into your sex life can have a whole lot of benefits. First, it adds a little variety into something that may have become pretty routine. It also opens up the table to discussion — after all, if you're shopping for a new toy together, you might just learn more about what your partner prefers as far as stimulation and fetishes go.

Finally, it takes off some of the pressure that you or your partner might feel to "perform." When there's an ergonomically designed object that vibrates at 1000 rpm (especially if it hits both of your spots at once), odds are the night will end in a few more orgasms than usual.

No matter what your fetishes, preferences, or partnership are like, there are toys out there that can seriously spice things up. For new angles, better vibrations, or new and intriguing textures, check out these innovative sex toys for long-term couples.


This Couple's Vibrator That Can Be Worn During Intercourse

SexyToken Couple's Vibrator, $50, Amazon

Since it can be worn during intercourse, SexyToken couple's vibrator is a surefire way to spice up your usual positions. Its flexible U-shaped design fits over the pubic bone to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously, but it leaves the vagina open for penetration. It also has 30 vibrational frequencies, comes with a remote control, and is USB-rechargeable.


This Cool Electric Vibrator To Stimulate The Penis

Youcups 12 Speed Electric Masturbator, $30, Amazon

With 12 vibrating speeds and three textures inside, including tight, wave, and beads, the Youcups electric masturbator can be used during foreplay to stimulate the penis. It's also USB rechargeable, has an easy-to-hold ergonomic shape, and has reviewers saying, "Life changing! Finally a product that works!"


Open Up A World Of New Positions With This Aerial Yoga Swing

AGPtEK Deluxe Aerial Hammock Yoga Swing, $47, Amazon

Because it's comfortable, easy to use, and discreet, this AGPtEK deluxe aerial hammock yoga swing can easily double as a sex swing in your house. It's made of a bruise-free polyester taffeta, can be installed on exposed beams or door mounts, has foam handles for easy gripping, and can hold over 600 pounds. It also comes in a convenient travel bag for easy storage in your suitcase if you plan to get frisky during your next trip together.


This Textured Vibrating Penis Ring For Stamina And Stimulation

Vibrating Penis Ring, $20, Amazon

This vibrating penis ring is great for improving stamina and increasing pleasure for both partners at once. Its stretchy, flexible ring fits around most sizes, and the textured vibrator stimulates the clitoris during intercourse. It's also waterproof and runs on just one battery for convenience.


Please Both Partners At Once With This Double-Sided Vibrator

Utimi Silicone Double Vibrator, $35, Amazon

Wonderful for both anal or vaginal play, the Utimi silicone double vibrator is capable of pleasing both partners at once with its flexible build, seamless material, and powerful double motors. It's USB-rechargeable and whisper quiet, so it's no wonder that this toy has a five star rating.


Try Bondage For Increased Intimacy And Better Communication

TreatMe Sex Bondage Restraints Kit, $23, Amazon

According to sex experts, bondage in the bedroom can lead to better communication, more intimacy, and lower stress levels — three great reasons to get your 50 Shades on. The TreatMe sex bondage restraints kit is a great set for beginners. It comes with adjustable and comfortable fur-lined cuffs, toys, a collar, and a rope, and reviewers say, "For starters or even for the price alone... This is a great little kit!"


This Pillow To Help You Get Exactly The Right Angle

Liberator Jaz in Cherry, $52, Amazon

Believe it or not, a slightly altered angle can make all the difference when it comes to standard sex positions. The Liberator Jaz in Cherry is a foam positioning pillow that's sturdy yet comfortable, and has a removable waterproof cover that you can throw in the washing machine for carefree cleaning. It's also amazing for those who suffer from muscle pain during sex.


This Toy For Hypoallergenic Cleanliness And Textured Temperature Play

Icicles No 55, $21, Amazon

Some couples prefer glass toys because they make it easy to ensure cleanliness and they can be used for temperature play. Icicles No 55 is a double-sided hypoallergenic glass toy with ribbed and swirl textures. It can be used for G-spot stimulation as well as for prostate play, and people say it's beautifully crafted in addition to being very satisfying.


This Lightweight Bendable Reviewer For All-Over Stimulation

LOVEMM Rechargeable Vibrator, $24, Amazon

With it's super slim shape and bendable design, the LOVEMM rechargeable vibrator is one of the most versatile for couples. It can be used to stimulate any part of the body because it's lightweight and foldable, and its multiple motors and speeds ensure that there's a setting for everyone. It's USB rechargeable and waterproof, so buyers are saying things like, "Stop reading reviews and put it in the cart!"


This Suction Vibrator That Simulates Oral Sex

oneisall Electric Silicone Tongue Vibrator, $40, Amazon

The oneisall electric tongue vibrator is built to simulate oral sex. It's got a vibrator, stimulating tongue shape, and air inlet all in one, creating a suction-like feeling on the clitoris. The rubber cup is removable for easy cleaning, and it even comes with an extra one.


Your Basic Vibrator — With A Twist

Bombex Inspiration Bendable Vibrator, $25, Amazon

With its ergonomic shape, this Bombex Inspiration vibrator gives you the clitoral and G-spot stimulation that you'd expect, but it's totally bendable to achieve just the right angle. It also has six patterns and four frequencies of vibration, and is both rechargeable and 100 percent waterproof.


This Discreet Yet Insanely Satisfying Remote Controlled Egg

Bombex 10 Frequency Vibrating Egg, $20, Amazon

With its waterproof design, rechargeable battery, textured shape, and quiet motor, reviewers are loving this Bombex 10 frequency vibrating egg for discreet public play. It's got a remote control that works from up to 10 meters away, and reviewers say it's tons of fun for both the wearer and the controller.


This Versatile Toy With A Side-To-Side Vibration And Six Different Heads

Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe, $239, Amazon

With its smart oscillating side-to-side engine and six attachments with nine different heads, the Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe does it all. It's a great toy if you're looking for variety and stimulation all over the body, and it doesn't use batteries, so it never runs out of power. Reviewers are saying things like, "Worth the money and then some," and "WOW! Results in a few minutes!"

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