13 Forgettable Teen Movies From The '00s That You May Want To Revisit

If your adolescence came in the days of Juicy track suits and flip phones, there's a chance you grew up with plenty of turn-of-the-millenium teen movies. I mean, let's face facts, 1999 was the year the genre really hit its peak, but that kicked off more and more and more films. And you might feel blessed that you went to high school at the same time as the Plastics, but keep in mind there are plenty of utterly forgettable teen movies from the 2000s.

OK, "forgettable" may be a little bit harsh. We all have our guilty pleasures, and the genre as a whole has never been taken super seriously outside of a John Hughes context. So, these maybe just be a little more... forgotten compared to the classics. Baiscally, they haven't aged as well or really lasted the test of time. Not all of them can churn out an endless stream of quippy quotes that are now emblazoned on every other Etsy shirt for years and years. Not all of them can be Mean Girls. I'm sorry.

But if you want to get your mind jogging through the less iconic teen movie offerings from the early 2000s, feel free to keep reading and flash back.

1. '17 Again'

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

I remember Zefron starring in this, but for some reason, I convinced myself John Cusack was his adult counterpart (it was Matthew Perry). So yeah, it's no reverse-Big. It's not even a substantial reverse 13 Going On 30.

Stream 17 Again here.

2. 'What A Girl Wants'

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Of all the Amanda Bynes films out there, I actually have vivid memories of She's the Man, because it was the only on-ship entertainment during a 2006 family cruise. What A Girl Wants, though... I think England is somehow involved?

Stream What A Girl Wants here.

3. 'John Tucker Must Die'

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This is more about playful revenge against a disloyal lover instead of actual teen murder, and that's why it bores me.

Stream John Tucker Must Die here.

4. 'The Hot Chick'

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

There was definitely a time where I thought this was hilarious (a long, less politically correct time). Interesting for delivering us a proto-Regina George, but it mostly hasn't aged well and could be confused with about 15,000 Rob Schneider body-switching flicks.

Stream The Hot Chick here.

5. 'Crazy/Beautiful'

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

My only commentary here is that Kirsten Dunst is really pulling off that non-hair style.

Stream Crazy/Beautiful here.

6. 'Sugar & Spice'

Marla Sokoloff on YouTube

I've only really seen snippets of Sugar and Spice through Tumblr GIFs, and my snapshot impression is that it wants desperately to be Heathers or Jawbreaker. Considering I know nothing else, I'm going to assume it falls short of being either/or.

Stream Sugar & Spice here.

7. 'The Girl Next Door'

RaulElisha on YouTube

OK, this one ends up in DVD collections here and there, I'll admit it. It's the porn star one, for the rest of you who can't recall.

Stream The Girl Next Door here.

8. 'The Perfect Score'

GoDVDz on YouTube

The novelty here, as the trailer comments establish, is that it's about Captain America and Black Widow stealing SAT test results. I'm pretty sure no one's actually, like, watched it.

Stream The Perfect Score here.

9. 'Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen'

turnkeylearning on YouTube

Oh, the peak days of Lindsay Lohan. I actually liked Freaky Friday and recall her behind the wheel in Herbie Fully Loaded. The only thing I remember about this movie, however, is the poster.

Stream Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen here.

10. 'Raise Your Voice'

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

A important plot point of this movie revolved around Three Days Grace, and that's also something I haven't thought about since 2004.

Stream Raise Your Voice here.

11. 'Sex Drive'

eOne Films on YouTube

There were just so many half-baked American Pies in the 2000s, you know?

Stream Sex Drive here.

12. 'I Love You, Beth Cooper'

AngellMalak on YouTube

I don't have any intense feelings about this movie.

Stream I Love You, Beth Cooper here.

13. 'How To Deal'

faelfletcher on YouTube

Mandy Moore had a number of iconic teen movies in the 2000s. This is not one of them, although she does rock that Kirsten Dunst hairstyle to the best of her ability.

Stream How To Deal here.

Just because you may have forgotten about these movies, it doesn't mean you can't revisit them. Consider the above suggestions for your next nostalgia marathon.