13 Funny Gifts To Get Your BFF On National Best Friends Day That Won’t Break The Bank

The best thing about having a BFF is that you know there is at least one person who totally gets you and shares your sense of humor. If you want to celebrate the Sookie to your Lorelai on National Best Friends Day this June 8, these funny funny National Best Friends Day gifts are guaranteed to inspire a lot of laughter. While it's totally acceptable to give your bestie a gift any day of the year, it's nice to have a special day set aside just for you and your BFF to celebrate each other's awesomeness.

A best friend is someone who will be there to help you find the funny when you just want to drown yourself in everything dark and twisty, to help you hide the bodies, to cheer for your wins and mourn your losses, and to tell you when you have food in your teeth or a booger in your nose. Because, seriously, anyone who'd let you go out in public with spinach hanging off your incisor and a bat in the cave really should be demoted to acquaintance.

This kind of friendship deserves a funny gift that only your true BFF and forever BAE will appreciate and understand. Because, if you were both 12 you'd be sporting those best friends forever necklaces, which is actually a pretty funny gift to give your bestie today. If retro chachkies aren't your jam, consider giving your BFF one of these funny AF gifts on June 8 for Best Friends Day 2018.