Memes For National Best Friend Day

So you've gotten your best friend the best gift ever and you've written them the cutest card for National Best Friends Day... so now what? Well, as far as I'm concerned, the day isn't complete until you've shared these 12 memes for National Best Friend Day with them. These hilarious memes capture exactly what it means to be a best friend, in all of its glory and shame. (Shame, you ask? Well, what else do you call it when you're giving a mutual friend some side-eye because she's talking to your bestie? It may be a little immature of you, but hey, you're only possessive out of love, right?)

Best friends can make everything better through their love, loyalty, compassion, and humor. Is there really anyone better than your bestie to enjoy a night out bar-hopping or a night in Netflix-marathoning? Don't think so. Add this roundup of funny memes to your National Best Friends Day agenda, because if there's anyone that you'll enjoy reading them with, it's got to be the bestie.

If your best friend isn't currently in the same city as you (it happens!), then share these silly memes with her via text, email, or social media. Just because you're not there in-person to celebrate National Best Friends Day doesn't mean that you can't do it digitally.

She is your best friend, after all.

Hug. It. Out.

She's there through the thick.... and thin.

Nothing better than commiserating together.

There's no other option.

Ovaries before brovaries!

Step off.

All too true.


There's nothing better.

Too cute.

Fingers in the air.

Images: Clarisse Meyer/Unsplash; MemeCenter