13 Funny Valentine’s Day Memes That You'll Relate To, Regardless Of Your Relationship Status


Valentine's Day isn't the easiest day of the year for everyone. For anyone who is single, Feb. 14 can be an annoying day — even if you truly enjoy feeling single. It isn't even always great for people who are in relationships, either, especially when it comes with a lot of pressure to plan something really special and to get exactly the right gift. All in all, it's safe to say that everyone could use an extra reason to smile on Valentine's Day, no matter what their relationship status is. That's why funny Valentine's Day memes are so awesome to look at — they can make you laugh even if you're feeling stressed.

There are plenty of Valentine's Day memes out there on the internet to fulfill all of your humor needs. If there's one thing social media knows how to do, it's make fun of this holiday every single year, which can be kind of comforting. It's nice to know other people are sharing your pain out there, and why not get in a good laugh while doing that?

Below are some of the funniest Valentine's Day memes online. Be sure to share them on your own social media profiles to spread the fun to anyone who needs it. And definitely re-read them as much as you need to!


This one that explains a situation we've all been able to relate to at some point:

Honestly, it makes sense.


This nice perspective on being single for Valentine's Day:

Hey, at least you're saving some money!


This one if you're feeling melancholy:

But actually, what's wrong with sitting alone with a cup of coffee?!


And this one that sums it all up:

Hey, there's no harm in putting it all out there.


This meme that pretty much speaks for itself:

If you're already totally over this holiday, you'll appreciate this meme.


These plans really don't seem very bad at all:

It looks comfortable and delicious.


This meme that everyone can understand:

Wow, this one is too real.


This meme that you should channel:

Everyone needs this kind of vibe on Valentine's Day.


This perfect meme for every fed up single person.

This is definitely not the worst idea anyone has ever had!


This is also pretty perfect:

Yeah, this one sums up how almost everyone feels.


This one that gets very real:


This meme that reminds you that you are an awesome date.

You're really all you need!


This one that lays it all out on the table.

Now is everyone's chance to speak up. No pressure.