13 Galentine's Day GIFs To Share With Your Crew


Valentine's Day fast approaches, and with it, its cool, funky aunt: Galentine's Day. While Valentine's Day is a great holiday to express all kinds of love, Galentine's Day is a holiday fiercely committed to the love of sisterhood (and waffles), making it all the more important to honor with fun festivities, breakfast food, and the sharing of Galentine's Day GIFs on social media.

If you don't already know the origins of Galentine's Day, first off, get ye to a Netflix screen and marathon every episode of Parks and Recreation, stat. Queen Leslie Knope dubbed February 13 Galentine's Day, and since then the world has latched onto the idea and used it to celebrate and elevate the most important women in their lives. Whether that means brunch, a night out at the bar, or a treat yo self night at the movies, there's truly no wrong way to get your Galentine's Day on, so long as you're spending it among friends.

So before you gather up your crew this Monday, bask in the glory of these GIFs, and pepper them on the timelines and e-mail chains to your loved one. A happy Galentine's Day to you, and a happy Galentine's Day to us all!

The OG Explanation





And plus infinity waffles.

Ladies Celebrating Ladies


And, almost as importantly, ladies celebrating dessert.

A Galentine's PSA


Always and forever.

The True Spirit Of G-Day


It's not really a party until you shove a bunch of balloons in someone's face.

Galentine's Swag


Keep doing what you're doing, Galentines.

~Galentine Goddess~


Never forget it.

For Inside Your Galentine's Day Cards


Remember, friends: per Leslie Knope's teaching, each compliment must come with four loosely associated adjectives and a nonsense noun.

The Cuterest Uterus


On February 13, it glows in the dark.

Inspo For Tackling All That Party Planning


If hosting a Galentine's Day party were easy, they wouldn't leave it up to women, y'all.

Karaoke Is A Must


Here's a list of karaoke songs for your inspiration.

Bearing In Mind ...


Mic drop. (Responsibly, from a low distance. TECH IS EXPENSIVE.)

Always And Forever Accurate


For this Galentine's Day, and every day that comes after. Happy Galentine's Day, y'all!