The Spookiest ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episodes To Add To Your Halloween Marathon


Here are two facts: Game Of Thrones is the best TV series, and Halloween is the best holiday. Agreed? Good. So what better way to celebrate All Hallow's Eve than marathoning your favorite show? I've put together a list of the best Game Of Thrones episodes to watch on Halloween, because as amazing as the HBO fantasy series is, it's not necessarily the first thing you think of when you're planning your yearly Samhain activities. Heck, they don't even celebrate Halloween in Westeros. For all of George R.R. Martin's detailed world-building, there seems to be a lack of holidays in his fictional kingdom.

The Festival of the Mother is mentioned, so it's reasonable to assume that the Faith of the Seven also has festivities for the six other deities. The Braavosi hold a celebration every year called the Unmasking, in honor of the founding of their city. And we know that birthdays (aka "name days") are recognized. But that's about it. Do the Northerners have a Weirwood-centric holiday? Do the Red Priests celebrate a specific day in honor of R'hllor? Who knows!

But Westeros can be a pretty spooky place to live, and there are several episodes of Thrones that jive well with our American ideas of Halloween. Here are 13 of the show's scariest and witchiest episodes to stream on Oct. 31.

1. "Lord Snow"

Season 1, Episode 3

In this early episode, Old Nan tells Bran a ghost story about the White Walkers and their "pale spiders as big as hounds." Not only is it scary AF, but it also serves as huge foreshadowing for the Great War to come.

2. "Baelor"

Season 1, Episode 9

This classic episode may be most famous for the traumatizing climax that made fans everywhere lose their heads, but it also contains a literal witch, spells to summon the dead, and nefarious blood magic. Dany should've asked Mirri Maz Duur if she was a good witch or a bad witch before she trusted her with Khal Drogo's life.

3. "Garden Of Bones"

Season 2, Episode 4

Also known as the episode in which Melisandre pushes a shadow baby out of her lady parts. Given that the hour ends with a cliffhanger at that point, this is something of a two-parter in tandem with…

4. "The Ghost Of Harrenhal"

Season 2, Episode 5

This episode gives the conclusion to the short-lived "shadow baby" arc, as it murders Renly Baratheon and promptly disappears from the show without a trace. But that's not even the "ghost" of the title; that aspect comes into play when Arya strikes a bargain with Jaqen H'ghar and starts ticking names off her list, one by one.

5. "Valar Morghulis"

Season 2, Episode 10

The sophomore season ended on its spookiest note yet, as Dany basically took a ride through a haunted mansion, touring the warlocks' House of the Undying. Later, Arya watches in amazement as Jaqen H'ghar apparently pulls his own face off and becomes someone else entirely.

6. "Kissed By Fire"

Season 3, Episode 5

This is an all-around grim episode that features child murder (the Lannister squires Martyn and Willem), a beheading (of Lord Karstark), a mad scientist (Qyburn, performing a squirm-inducing surgery on Jaime), a ghost story of sorts (about a mad king and his command to "burn them all"), and a man coming back from the dead (Beric Dondarrion after his combat with the Hound).

7. "Mhysa"

Season 3, Episode 10

Another ghost story! One that's told inside a supposedly haunted castle, no less. While camping out in the dreaded Nightfort, Bran tells his companions the gruesome story of the Rat Cook, and the vengeance the gods took upon the gods took against a man who violated the custom of guest right.

8. "The Children"

Season 4, Episode 10

At one point in this season finale, a horde of Harryhausen-esque skeletons literally burst out of the snow to attack Bran & Co. This is probably Game Of Thrones at peak campy-Halloween.

9. "The Wars To Come"

Season 5, Episode 1

Mirri and Melisandre aren't the only witches in Thrones; there's also Maggy, who set Cersei's life on a downward spiral of paranoia thanks to her malicious prophecy of jealous queens and dead children.

10. "Hardhome"

Season 5, Episode 8

The last 20 minutes of this episode are basically the Thrones version of a zombie movie, as the White Walkers and their wights attack a wildling settlement. "Hardhome" wouldn't feel out of place sandwiched between Dawn Of The Dead and 28 Days Later in an undead movie marathon.

11. "The Dance Of Dragons"

Season 5, Episode 9

If you're the kind of person who associates Halloween with the delicious sounds of children screaming, then what better episode to watch than the one in which Melisandre burns Shireen at the stake? (Also, you're a twisted monster.)

12. "The Red Woman"

Season 6, Episode 1

Apparently every day is Halloween for Melisandre, and she chose to dress up as "sexy witch." The red priestess proved the truth of her power — and also the truth of her age — when she finally took off her "costume" and exposed her real, wrinkly self to the audience for the first time.

13. "Stormborn"

Season 7, Episode 2

Even in the 21st century, "pirate" is still one of the most enduringly popular Halloween costumes of all. (In 2016, it ranked in fourth place behind "Harley Quinn," "the Joker," and "generic superhero," according to Business Insider.) So strap on your eyepatch and sail the high seas with Thrones' very own goth-Jack Sparrow — aka Euron Greyjoy.

Any of these 13 episodes should be able to get you into an appropriately spooky mood. Happy Halloween, Game Of Thrones fans!