These Haleb Moments From 'PLL' Are Iconic

Freeform/Byron Cohen

They met at school, and they've been through a lot. Blackmail, cyber bullying, a dalliance with Hanna's best friend. But the Hanna and Caleb moments on Pretty Little Liars that define them as a couple have got to give you hope about how likely it is that their marriage will last. After all, romance in Rosewood is never easy, even when a wedding ring's involved — or should that be especially if a wedding ring is involved? We've witnessed Aria dad's Byron cheating on his wife, Aria going to the dark side in the hope of making it up the aisle, and Ali's husband Dr. Elliott Rollins turning out to be both British and evil. What are the chances?

But don't despair. Theoretically the show has always wanted us to back Haleb as a couple, so this might be one Rosewood marriage that has a chance of sticking. From the word go, we've seen a pairing that's been as much about teamwork and supporting each other as it is about steamy shower scenes (though there's been that, too) and drama (remember that time when Caleb up and vanished for a few months to go be in a spin-off series? If not, we'll get there in a moment). Let's take a trip down memory lane.

How They Met

It's Rosewood, so they meet because of a phone. Emily needs a way of reaching Maya, who has been sent away to reform school after being caught smoking pot and who has a phone only her parents can reach her through. It seems auspicious that Hanna reaches out to Caleb, who fixes Emily's phone for a small fee. It foreshadows a lot of what their relationship will be about: working together to use Hanna's ideas and Caleb's technological know-how to get around problems.

When They Go Camping And Get Vulnerable

What teenagers do you know open up about their weight issues and lack of father this early on in the dating game? This proved they had a strong enough connection for emotional intimacy, as well as the sexy kind.

"Most Of My Life, Even When I Was With People, I Felt Alone. Until I Met You."

When Caleb hightails it out of Rosewood to Arizona without telling Hanna in person (though he does give Mona a letter intended for Hanna, which she never passes on), we question the relationship. But when returns and confesses the above, we realize he didn't flee because he doesn't value her, but because he does, a lot, and it scares him. I'm weeping right now.

When Caleb Dismantles Ella Montgomery's Engine

While I wouldn't normally root for somebody destroying another person's property, Caleb did this to help Hanna, who is being ordered by A to give a ticket to a museum opening to Aria's mother so that she'll catch Aria and Ezra in Philadelphia together. It suggested that, with teamwork, this pair was unstoppable and also hinted at what a useful ally Caleb would be in the future battles against A.

When Caleb Calls His Biological Mom Because Hanna Asked Him To

This suggested Hanna was able to push Caleb out of his comfort zone and into doing the most dangerous thing of all: reaching out to a family member he felt neglected by.

When We Find Out Caleb's Laptop Password

At first 422SwSIDaR1105! doesn't seem so significant. Then we realized that the four final digits are the date he and Hanna first had sex with each other. Just sayin': she's his world.

When They Had Their Flirty Insult-Off

"You stalkin' me?" "Yeah, can't get enough of that knock-off cologne." The one thing that has defined Haleb for a couple for me is that their dialogue doesn't make me want to throw up in my mouth a little. This is because it errs towards exchanging quips more than it does "I love you"s the whole time.

When He Surprises Hanna By Showing Up To The Masquerade Ball As Romeo

And she's Juliet, so it's gorgeous and perfect and visual proof that they belong together (hopefully minus the tragic ending of the original story).

When He Leaves To Go Look After Miranda In Ravenswood And Hanna's So Chill About It

In fact, it's even her idea. She's sad that he has to go, but she's rooting for him to go look after Miranda. This suggests how secure they are as a couple, that he can go live somewhere else for a bit, and she doesn't have fears about infidelity.

When Caleb Can't Deny To Spencer That He Still Has Feelings For Hanna

Caleb is not a bad guy. He's consistently proved himself to have a heart of gold. So when he confesses to kissing Hanna, his then-girlfriend Spencer knows something's up and demands to know if this is just a kiss or if there are still feelings there. Caleb's left speechless, while we're smug. We knew Haleb was forever.

When Caleb Proposed To Hanna In Front Of Ashley

Sure, if your best friend told you that her mom had been present for her proposal, you'd think her boyfriend was nuts. But when it comes to Haleb, this proposal makes perfect sense. Only someone who truly knew Hanna — had known her for years — would know how much her mother's approval means to her. As such, Ms. Marin being there for the special moment felt just right and a sign that Caleb understood Hanna perfectly.

When They Got Fake-Married In A Tent

Again, another moment of pure perfection from Season 7, because it was so Haleb. Remember Hanna's lack of enthusiasm about her previous fiancé and totally over the top wedding preparation? This camping scene provides an antidote for all that fuss and so little feels; it harks back to the camping trip where they first slept with each other and Hanna's paper cigar rings are adorable. It proved they're way more about each other and their feelings then about glamour and presentation.

When Hanna Apologizes For Getting Him Involved In The A.D. Mess

So much of their relationship hasn't been about romance or hanging out, but about dealing with a cyber-stalking psychopath. Hanna's apology to Caleb for getting him involved reinforced one very Haleb thing they're about as a couple: battling the forces of evil while evading the police. That's so them.

When Ashley Arranges For Hanna And Caleb To Get Married

"Are you down?" "Absolutely." Getting married in a denim jacket and to avoid having to testify against your spouse? As Hanna puts it, it's a total twofer. Did you cry? I'm still crying. Crying forever.

I'm not saying I'm not rooting for Spoby, crossing my fingers for Emison or... no, let's not go too far, I absolutely cannot support Ezria. But when it comes to all the Pretty Little Liars couples, one seems far better suited than any of the other pairings, and that's Haleb.