13 Harry Potter Spells For Summer In The UK, Because There's A Lot To Negotiate

by Aoife Hanna
Scott Barbour/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Summer time is upon us. Finally! Whether you're an extreme outdoorsy campy type or a beach bum or just like lying down, It's a perfect time to pick up a book and get to it. It wasn't that long ago that each summer heralded the release of the latest Harry Potter book. Oh J. K. Rowling, thank you for filling our summers with adventure and emotional rollercoasters. We salute you, and wish we had the best Harry Potter spells for summer at our disposal as the warmer months roll on.

Summer is next level important to people living in the UK, especially after the gruelling, seemingly endless winter. I'm not sure how many beasts came from the east but I'm glad they've gone: summer time is here and the living is easy... or less hard, anyway. Forecasts are suggesting that this summer is going to be absolutely gorgeous and the remedy to cure all of our SADs.

The Harry Potter world offered spells for your every need. Got a problem? There's a spell for that. As much as I'm excited for the summer ahead, I also know British summer is about as reliable as phone signal on a train. So these are the spells that could really come in handy, am I right?



Accio, aka the lazy man's dream, is perhaps the most useful of all Harry Potter spells. You want a cold drink? You got it. You want a parasol? You got it.

With this summer set to be an absolute bloomin' scorcher, I am going to lead with "Accio suncream". Sorry for being a nark, its just who I am.



Summer time means festivals. Festivals mean camping. Actually for some people summer itself means camping (I am resolutely not one of these people). Lumos is good for whatever you want to get up to in your tent after hours.

Lets be real though: anyone who has camped knows there is nothing quite as challenging as the night time dash to the lavs.



A spell used to get rid of bogarts, terrifying mind-bending beasts who live in dark places like wardrobes, should work on moths, right? Summer's unsung devilish beasts, here to scare the bejesus out of you and to eat up all of your clothes. Munch munch munch. This spell is used to make the bogart look funny and thus not scary.

Look, as long as it stops them chowing down on the wool scarf my mum made me I'm chill.



Like I said before, some people like to camp. One of the main parts of a campsite is of course the campfire. Somewhere to sit around and regale your friends with stories of old, somewhere to cook your veggie sausages and attempt to boil water for tea. So it's the first thing you do when you set up camp. Thats when you realise nobody has brought a lighter. Crudbuckets! Its cool though, Incendio is here for you and you'll have a fire blazing before you know it.



The Ferula spell is used to conjure bandages and hence super useful when someone is injured. Being outside more is great and all but if you're a bit of a clutz, this just opens you up to injuries. "Quick game of rounders?", your eager friends say to you. Next minute, slashed knee. This spell will have you back out on the pitch (is that what you call where you play rounders?) quicker than you can say "guys this is pretty deep."



This little one is less known than others but basically it forces your target to dance. How is that useful I hear you ask? Summer time is filled with times you have to dance and you might not want to. Weddings, festivals, outdoor parties, you name it... you need to get your groove on immediately. Sometimes a person might feel awkward about dancing. I propose using it on yourself in the mirror in order to get out there and dance your butt off.



Unmuddy your filthy mind that is not what you instantly think. This is another camping aid, to help you erect your tent. Keep your jokes to yourself.



The Impervius spell is basically used in order to protect the user from bad weather. You can see where I am going with this one. Yes forecasters claim we are in for a stonker of a summer but lets be real, it's still the UK. And as anybody who has been to Glastonbury Festival can assure you, Impervius is probably the most important spell during the infamously unreliable British summer.



À la Ronseal, this one does exactly what it says on the tin. Away with hours of stressful packing, this is the spell that does it all for ya. No need for lists, no need to run around chanting "passport, keys, wallet, phone." You have actually got this, for once.


Wingardium Leviosa

It's LeviOsa not Leviosaaa. Alright Hermione, chill your beans. This one is endlessly useful, especially for those doing British Summer minus a car. If you want to be outdoorsy and go on (hopefully) sun-filled adventures, you will have to carry a lot of stuff. This spell is good because it basically says bye bye to having to carry or lift things. Its another one for us lazy types. Thank goodness for that. Now lie down again.



Orchideous, as you may have guessed, is a flower related spell. It makes it possible for the user to make flowers bloom from their wand. With summer being a perfect opportunity to showcase your gardening skills and gardening skills being hard to come by, this one really comes in handy. Depending on how house/garden proud you are this is perfect chance to show up the neighbours with your gardening skills.



The Portus spell is used to create a portkey. What is a portkey I hear you ask? Well, its an inanimate object that is transformed with the Portus spell to become your very own mode of travel. Sadly it only works with one pre-arranged destination so basically pick somewhere cute by the seaside and stick to it. Office to beach in the blink of an eye? Yes please.



This is the cleaning spell and one that I could do with 365 days a year, however it is uniquely useful in the summer for many reasons. Sometimes the weather forecast is wrong in a positive way. Believe me, it happens. So when it does, you race to the supermarket to get halloumi before it sells out, get home to get the BBQ on, and invite all your pals round to join in the festivities. One problem: your house is an actual hole. Get your Scourgify on and none of your mates have to know how much of a slob you actually are.

So whether its cooling down, warming up, picking up, or packing up: these Harry Potter spells have your back and will keep you from feeling vexed this summer.