13 'Harry Styles' Album Memes & Jokes That Would Make Your Idol Laugh, Too

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Harry Styles has always been a fan of adding a dash of levity to life; remember all those "knock knock" jokes he's told at One Direction concerts? So it's unsurprising that there are a ton of Harry Styles album memes and jokes already. Most of these center around the illness you're most likely to contract on listening: a fever, shakiness, and the sweats caused by a surplus of emotion, what I refer to as the five stages of One Direction solo career. Start with wonder, transition to love, then despair, then intense horniness, before closing with awe.

The internet is currently having a listening party and doing what it does best — namely, taking swathes of emotion and repackaging them into hilarious tweets with a lot of irony. So, if you're not averse to laughing at yourself, the fan, or your idol, I suggest you hightail it down to Twitter and check out the action for yourself via #harrystyles, #harrystylesalbum, or, my favorite, #harrystyleslisteningparty. But give yourself a good overview of all the hilarity that's ensued so far on Friday and check out the best the world wide web has to throw at this auspicious occasion. Warning: this may all be far too relatable.

1. For When You Get An Attack Of The Feels

Emeli and Harrybo💜 on Twitter

With songs like "From The Dining Room Table" delivering instant-heartbreak in lines like "Even my phone misses your call, by the way," no wonder the internet's so worried about the effect it might have all those Styles fans out there with this record on repeat.

2. When Someone Plays The Album, And It Has You At Hello


Because you don't need to listen to the whole album through to know that this is sheer gold.

3. His New Album Is Only Overshadowed By One Thing: That Outfit

1D Updates on Twitter

Because half the fun of a Styles solo release was always going to be the typically out-there outfit he chose to promote it in, right?

4. One Shady Side-Eye To Rule Them All

threse on Twitter

Of course you do.

5. So Much One Direction-Related Solo Material Is Overwhelming

Pink on Twitter

Sure, Styles is dropping an actual album, which is way bigger, but fellow One Direction-er Liam Payne chose to announce his new single "Strip That Down" in a saucy extended Instagram clip of his new music video just one day earlier showing him shirtless. Not cool. Please give us a second to breathe.

6. When You Love The Intro, But Aren't Sure About The Lyrics


Great heavenly opener, then some stuff about him being turned on by a girl in a skirt short enough that he wouldn't bring her home to meet his mom. Say what?

7. When You Need A Content Warning

❁ on Twitter

You might as well warn your followers what to expect if they've never listened to a Harry Styles song. Why lie?

8. Be Direct And Clear With Those Around You

Emma Karlsson on Twitter

It's all about expectation management.

9. Because It's So Damn Varied

beCHONCÈ on Twitter

You know you're going to have to bust out every type of dance move in your repertoire to keep up with Mr Styles.

10. Get Ready For Your Feed To Be Buried In Speculation About Who Those Songs Are About

-A on Twitter

Just close your eyes. You don't need to know the backstories, the music's all that matters. Right?

11. Because You're A Superfan And You Don't Care Who Knows It

ପଓ aria ⋆*ೃ on Twitter

*orders a body pillow in the shape of Harry Styles*

12. When He Turns You On

Irene on Twitter

That's what this gif means, right?

13. The Spongebob Meme Gets A Harry Styles Makeover

🌹 ⓄⓃⓁⓎ__ⒶⓃⒼⒺⓁ 🌹 on Twitter

The moment where BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw attempts to cross-question Styles about "Two Ghosts"' inspiration and the 23 year old has to call his manager in a panic. Priceless. Also works perfectly as a copy of the Spongebob meme that's so hot right now.

If you're anything like the man in question, you love nothing better than a good laugh. Celebrate your idol in the way he'd see most appropriate, by crafting your own viral tweet and using the above as inspiration.