Hilarious GIFs From Bustle's #IStandUpFor Comedy Showcase


On July 12 Bustle's Comedy IRL presented the #IStandUpFor Comedy Showcase event which featured hilarious female comics — Lane Moore, Blair Socci, Emma Willmann, Michelle Buteau, and Charla Lauriston — performing for a packed house at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The event also featured a crowd clutching their sides and crying tears of pure joy from laughing so hard.

On top of providing everyone with the most fun you can possibly have on Wednesday night, all of the ticket sales from the event went to Girls Write Now, a non-profit with nearly two decades of experience in community-building, mentoring, empowering young women through writing, and so much more. Through its mentoring programs and various workshops, Girls Write Now is helping foster real relationships and building a community of women writers who support and inspire each other.

A night this fun could not be justly captured in just a photo so we had a custom GIPHY Frame (GIPHY's GIF booth) set up to capture the excitement and the results were pure gold. Everyone at the event, including the comics themselves, hopped in the booth to create their very own GIFs and here are a few of the highlights from the night:

For the complete collections of GIFs from the night visit GIPHY's special Comedy IRL hub here.