13 Iconic Accessories From Books That You Can Buy Right Now

Warner Bros.

If you ask your friends and family what they want for the holidays, they'll probably demure and ask for something sensible. They'll need a new non-stick pan, or a nice sweater. They'll claim to be "happy with anything." But deep in their eyes, you can see that all they really, truly want out of this life and this world is a full-sized replica of Brienne of Tarth's sword, Oathkeeper, from A Song of Ice and Fire. Lucky for them (and for you), quite a few of the fantastical accessories of fiction are also available for purchase in the real world. Here are a few literary objects that you can buy, display, and wear in real life, because everyone deserves the occasional giant sword.

After all, part of the joy of reading fiction is imagining yourself in that fictional world. And since we haven't yet developed the technology to physically jump into our favorite book series, owning a small piece of the story will have to do for now. You can cast a spell with your very own wand, fight criminals with your own magic lasso, or solve crimes with your own deerstalker hat. Sure, most of these accessories won't work exactly like they do in the books (please don't actually stab anyone with your replica swords), but they will bring a lot of joy to you and your fellow book-lovers:


Wonder Woman's Bracelet, Lasso, and Tiara

For the true Amazon warrior in your life, consider this gorgeous replica of Wonder Woman's bracelets, tiara, and lasso of truth. Each piece is life-size, adjustable, and crafted out of high quality metal. The set comes with an intricately carved base, perfect for displaying on your bookshelf. Or you can wear your tiara and bracelets out on the town while you go about crushing the patriarchy.

DC Gallery Wonder Woman Bracelets with Lasso and Tiara, $283, Amazon


Harry Potter's Wand

Yes, I know that the wand is supposed to choose the wizard, but we don't all have time to travel all the way to Diagon Alley. Instead, you can pick out your favorite character's wand in an authentic Ollivander's box, ideal for display or spell casting.

Harry Potter Wand, $37, The Noble Collection


The One Ring

Sure, owning the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings will slowly eat away at your immortal soul until you become as sad and shriveled as Gollum... but it sure does look shiny. Own your very own precious Ring of Power with this beautiful, gold-plated replica.

Gold-Plated Tungsten Carbide One Ring, $100, Think Geek


Brienne of Tarth's Sword

You can find nearly every major sword from A Song of Ice and Fire, recreated in metal or in fine Valyrian foam. Protect the realms of the Seven Kingdoms with your own trusty blade, and avoid any Westerosi wedding invites.

Oathkeeper Foam Sword, $40, Think Geek


Katniss Everdeen's Pin

When Katniss Everdeen leaves her district to take part in the Hunger Games, she takes this mockingjay pin as her tribute token. Of course, the mockingjay quickly goes from weird, genetically modified bird to a symbol of the revolution, so grab your own pin and take a stand against the Capitol.

Mockingjay Pin, $7, Amazon


A Cryptex from 'The DaVinci Code'

Yes, this model cryptex actually works and yes, you can set the password yourself. Use it to hide your valuables, display it on your desk, or send someone on a very personalized treasure hunt with this brilliant puzzle box.

The DaVinci Code Cryptex, $195, Amazon


Daenerys Targaryen's Dragon Eggs

These dragon egg paperweights might not actually hatch into baby dragons, but they look pretty darn close to the real thing. Now you, like young Daenerys Targaryen, can carry an adorable dragon egg with you as you scheme to win back your father's throne.

Dragon Egg Paperweight, $45, HBO Store


Sherlock Holmes' Hat

Got some crimes to solve? Throw on a classic deerstalker hat and work on your detecting skills like Sherlock Holmes. Alternatively, you can buy a red deerstalker hat and feel sorry for yourself like Holden Caulfield.

Sherlock Holmes Hat, $29, Village Hats


One of Voldemort's Horcruxes

Who wouldn't want to own a chunk of Voldemort's immortal soul? Ravenclaw's diadem, Hufflepuff's cup, Slytherin's locket, and Tom Riddle's diary are all available for your personal horcrux collection (you might have a harder time tracking down a giant snake and Harry Potter, though).

Hufflepuff's Cup, $32, Think Geek


Gandalf's Staff

Look, those cutesy little Harry Potter wands are great and all... but if you want to stand any chance against a Balrog, you're going to need Gandalf's staff. This model even lights up, for extra confirmation that you are indeed magical.

Hobbit Staff of Gandalf, $99, Think Geek


The Triwizard Cup

Finally, a Triwizard Cup that won't transport you and your friend to a horrifying graveyard full of Death Eaters! Instead, this functional Triwizard Cup lamp will light your way to victory during late night study sessions, or provide mood lighting as you re-read Goblet of Fire for the umpteenth time.

Triwizard Cup Lamp, $50, Think Geek


Claire's Cowl

You may not be surrounded by Scottish hunks like Claire from Outlander, but you can certainly keep your neck warm with this Outlander-inspired knitwear. Based on the clothing of 18th century Scotland, this cowl will protect you from chilly highland winds all winter long.

Claire's Cowl, $50, Outlander Store


Luna Lovegood's Spectrespecs

Of course, what's a list of fictional accessories without Luna Lovegood's Spectrespecs? Described in the book as making the wearer look like a "demented, multicoloured owl," these glasses make a perfect stocking stuffer (or everyday fashion statement) for a true book nerd.

Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs, $20, Harry Potter Shop